Drunk Driving, Other Charges Filed Against Wisconsin Driver

All drivers have likely experienced a time when their vehicle accidentally crossed the centerline briefly. Many times, this even occurs to attentive drivers who are driving defensively as they navigate through an unfamiliar area or around a curve. Unfortunately, one man in Wisconsin who was accused of driving across the center line now faces multiple criminal charges, including accusations of drunk driving.

The accident that resulted in the 30-year-old's arrest occurred in early January. Police say that they were called to the scene of a crash involving three vehicles. According to a responding officer, all three of the vehicles involved sustained significant damage. A witness claims that she noticed an oncoming vehicle that had drifted into her lane, but she was able to swerve and avoid an accident.

However, she claims that the oncoming vehicle struck two other vehicles. Two of the first vehicle's passengers died as a result of injuries suffered. A third passenger, a 19-year-old male, suffered brain injuries. The driver of that vehicle now faces multiple charges, including homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle. Two people in one of the other vehicles involved in the crash also suffered serious injuries.

It is easy to make assumptions regarding a person's level of sobriety when an accident occurs. However, there are a multitude of potential causes of car crashes that are not related to drunk driving. In order to gain a conviction, prosecutors in Wisconsin must be able to prove the man's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Criminal courts demand such a high burden of proof to help prevent wrongful convictions.

Source: winonapost.com, "Alleged drunk driver charged with homicide", Laura Hayes, Jan. 16, 2017