Drunk Driving Charges Follow Holiday Crash in Wisconsin

The holidays are often a time of joyful celebration in Wisconsin and across the country. Because there tend to be more parties and opportunities for socialization during this time of the year, police are often sensitive to potential signs that a driver may be under the influence of alcohol. Unfortunately, one woman now faces drunk driving charges following a holiday crash.

Police reports claim that the accident happened at approximately 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve. A 50-year-old woman is accused of failing to stop at a stop sign and allegedly causing an accident that damaged another vehicle. It is unclear if anyone was injured in the incident.

Because police felt that the woman exhibited symptoms of being under the influence of alcohol, they took her into custody. Tests allegedly revealed that her blood alcohol content was significantly over the legal limit. She was released several hours after her arrest.

Those facing drunk driving charges often want an experienced professional to examine all angles of any criminal charges. For example, equipment used to determine a person's blood alcohol content can malfunction or be incorrectly calibrated, resulting in inaccurate readings. The average person likely does not have the experience with such equipment to determine if there could have been such a malfunction. Fortunately, there are criminal defense attorneys in Wisconsin who do have such experience and can help those facing charges related to driving while intoxicated fully understand all the elements of a particular case and make the most appropriate choices for each unique circumstances.

Source: Fox Point, WI Patch, "Drunk Driver from Glendale Registers .32 After Christmas Eve Crash", Scott Anderson, Dec. 30, 2016