1 Facing Felony Drunk Driving Charges Following Alleged Chase

With each successive offense, the penalties for driving under the influence increase in severity. In Wisconsin, a fifth offense or higher for drunk driving is a felony, and a conviction under similar circumstances could be devastating. A 43-year-old man is facing a fifth DUI offense after an alleged police chase in Wisconsin.

Police claim the chase began after the man allegedly struck several parked cars in the parking lot of a local hotel. They assert that he began to flee shortly thereafter, leading authorities on a high-speed chase through the area. After the chase came to an end, the man was taken into custody and accused of driving under the influence of alcohol.

There was no indication of the performance of field sobriety and/or breath tests, or other means that would be used to indicate intoxication. Felony drunk driving charges are serious in nature, and a conviction would lead to a prolonged jail sentence and significant fines. In addition, those convicted of felony DUI lose their driving privileges for extended periods, which can create various issues in life, personal and professional alike.

Those accused of felony drunk driving charges may wish to protect themselves from such potentially devastating consequences, potentially prompting a need for assistance moving forward. By speaking with a defense attorney, a person could obtain advice on making informed decisions throughout the process. An attorney can thoroughly examine the evidence and charges against a client in Wisconsin and provide advice on forming a strong defense, and if a conviction cannot be avoided, assist in pursuing a lesser sentence during legal proceedings.