Drunk Driving While Operating a Commercial Vehicle

The jobs that Sheboygan residents perform are highly varied. Some people work in offices and spend their days behind desks. Others are on their feet all day in factories or on construction sites. Still others operate vehicles such as trucks, buses, and other commercial rigs to carry people and things to the places where they need to go.

While most people who are charged with drunk driving are stopped while operating their personal vehicles, individuals who drive commercial vehicles may also be stopped when they are suspected of driving while intoxicated. For example, law enforcement officials may stop a bus if its driver seems to be driving in a way that suggests that he or she may be impaired.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates the safe operation of commercial vehicles throughout the United States. Though private drivers must maintain blood alcohol concentrations below .08 percent, under FMCSA regulations commercial drivers must keep their blood alcohol concentrations under .04 percent.

If a commercial driver is found to be operating his vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration in excess of the state recognized limit he can lose his driver's license. Since commercial vehicle operators often must have special licenses to perform the work that they are paid to do, the loss of such licenses can directly impact their abilities to earn income. Commercial vehicle drivers therefore have a lot to lose if they are suspected of driving while drunk.

The potential consequences of being charged with drunk driving are high for everyone. However, commercial drivers who are arrested while operating under their commercial licenses can lose their specialized commercial licenses in addition to facing significant fines and, potentially, jail. The process of defending oneself against charges of drunk driving while utilizing a commercial license can be distinct from the process of preparing a private drunk driving defense. Commercial drivers who are threatened with losing their licenses to drunk driving charges can work with DUI defense attorneys to learn more about their options.