Does Drunk Driving Impose Points on My Driving Record?

In Wisconsin, a variety of actions can result in a driver facing a moving violation. Speeding, illegal passing and following without sufficient space can all end with a driver facing penalties from law enforcement officials. Often when a driver is convicted of a moving violation, he may have points or demerits assigned to his license.

Drunk driving and drugged driving convictions can also result in a driver having points attached to his operator's license. Here in Wisconsin, a driver can have six points attached to his record if he is convicted of DUI or other alcohol-based driving violations. Once a driver has 12 points assessed against him in a given year he will have his driver's license suspended.

If a driver has 12 to 30 points assessed against him, his license will be suspended for up to half of a year. The suspension period can vary depending upon the number of points the individual has incurred. If the driver has an excess of 30 points attached to his driving record the suspension can last an entire year.

Drunk driving can therefore impose a large quantity of points on a person's driving record for a single conviction. If that person has any other points assessed against him, he may find that could lose his license for an extended duration of time. Therefore, individuals who fear that they may lose their driver's licenses due to points and because of drunk driving convictions can take a stand to protect their rights. While no outcome can be pledged with certainty, some drivers can avoid the penalties of drunk driving convictions by aggressively defending themselves in court.