Melowski & Singh Helps People Facing Drunk Driving Charges

It might feel like getting arrested for drunk driving is the beginning of the end for a Wisconsin resident's driving rights and privileges. It is, in fact, a beginning. But it does not necessarily have to be the start of a long road of troubles for that individual.

What some recently arrested individuals may forget is that their arrests do not negate their legal rights. Individuals who have been arrested for DUI, OWI and other drunk-driving-related matters can defend themselves against the charges that have been brought against them. In the process of preparing to defend themselves, those individuals can enlist the help of legal professionals who make drunk driving defense a part of their practices.

At the law firm of Melowski & Singh, our attorneys tackle drunk driving matters head-on. Through strong litigation tactics and aggressive representation of our clients, we provide those who we represent with opportunities to defend themselves in court. We recognize that each of our clients is different and that the solution to each of their legal dilemmas may be unique. Coming up with that unique and workable solution is our job.

It is important for individuals who are dealing with drunk driving misdemeanor and felony charges to understand that no legal outcome can ever be guaranteed. However, if a person chooses not to engage with the authorities that brought charges against him then he may be giving up his right to be heard on the matter. Let our legal practice help you find your voice regarding your drunk driving matter. The attorneys of Melowski & Singh are prepared to discuss with you the DUI-related matters that you are now facing.