Traffic Incident Leads to Drunk Driving Charges for Wisconsin Man

While facing allegations of unlawful activity can be stressful enough as is, facing them in conjunction with a family emergency is probably an overwhelming experience for most people. The average person may lack the necessary experience to know how to handle a similar circumstance, potentially prompting a need for guidance in preparing for what comes next. A Wisconsin man has been accused of drunk driving after his children allegedly fell out of a moving vehicle without his knowledge.

Law enforcement agents claim to have received reports of an incident where two young children had fallen out of a moving van. Upon arriving at the scene, emergency personnel transported the kids to a medical facility for treatment. While one child was reportedly released from the hospital soon thereafter, authorities assert the other was transported to another facility for additional care.

Authorities claim the vehicle was located soon thereafter, and that upon being questioned, the driver allegedly had no knowledge that his kids had fallen out of the vehicle. Although no further details were provided, they have advised that he was taken into custody on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Along with drunk driving charges, he also stands accused of child neglect.

Being accused of drunk driving can be a harrowing experience, especially when allegations of child neglect are involved. Those who face similar charges could benefit from seeking the guidance of an attorney prior to responding to allegations. An attorney can evaluate the incident, along with the charges against a client in Wisconsin, and provide advice on the best course of action to take during subsequent court proceedings. 

Source: Waukesha, WI Patch, "2 Infants Fall Out Of Van, Dad Arrested For Drunk Driving: Police", Scott Anderson, May 2, 2018