Single-Vehicle Collision Leads To Drunk Driving Charges for 1

When a single vehicle accident takes place, law enforcement agents are generally tasked with investigating the cause of the incident. While there are numerous reasons why such an accident may occur, in some cases, such an incident may lead authorities to suspect unlawful activity. A recent single-car crash in Wisconsin has left one individual facing drunk driving charges.

According to reports, authorities received a call about a vehicle that had veered off the road and slammed into a tree on a recent Saturday evening. The individual who made the call also claimed the driver was exhibiting erratic behavior prior to the incident. Upon arriving at the scene, law enforcement agents found the vehicle unattended, and claim that the driver had attempted to flee the scene on foot.

Police located the man in the nearby woods soon thereafter, and subsequently took him into custody. He has since been charged with drunk driving, which would reportedly be his fifth offense if prosecutors secure a conviction. The penalties for a similar crime increase in severity with each successive conviction, and due to previous offenses, the man will likely be facing felony charges.

Facing felony drunk driving charges can be a daunting experience, and those accused of such an offense may wish to prepare for what comes next by seeking advice as soon as possible. Individuals who face similar charges could retain the services of an attorney for advice in making informed decisions. An attorney in Wisconsin can evaluate the situation and assist a client in forming a strong defense for use during subsequent legal proceedings.