Late-night Crash Leaves 1 Accused of Drunk Driving in Wisconsin

Many individuals have been accused of a crime solely based on the words of another party. Those who witness a collision may give authorities a description of the driver, and during their investigation, police could be tasked with finding someone who matches this description. Unfortunately, an incident involving similar circumstances in Wisconsin has left a man accused of drunk driving.

The incident is said to have taken place just after midnight on a recent Sunday when a vehicle suddenly slammed into the side of an apartment complex. Upon receiving reports of a crash and arriving at the scene, police advised that several witnesses claim a man drove into the building and proceeded to flee the scene on foot. They informed authorities of the direction the man had run and told them he wasn't wearing a shirt.

Authorities claim to have located the driver soon thereafter and placed him in custody on suspicion of drunk driving. In addition to DUI charges, the man also stands accused of reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident. A conviction for similar charges carries serious penalties that could have a devastating impact on a person's future. Those who stand accused of similar crimes may wish to protect against undesirable consequences, but they might need guidance in the process.

Upon being accused of drunk driving, the average person is likely unaware of his or her legal rights and how best to respond to the situation. Those who encounter similar charges could benefit from consulting with a defense attorney for guidance in making informed decisions about their case. An attorney can help a client in Wisconsin gain an understanding of his or her available options and assist in pursuing the most favorable outcome possible during legal proceedings.