Wisconsin Man Facing DUI Charges Following Early Morning Arrest

A conviction for driving under the influence can have a detrimental effect on a person in various ways, especially if it is a repeated offense. Successive convictions are more severe than previous ones, and often have negative consequences regarding the future of an accused individual. A man in Wisconsin is facing a similar situation after he was allegedly arrested for a fifth DUI.

In the early hours on a recent Wednesday, police claim to have come upon a vehicle that was stopped at a flashing red light. According to authorities, the car was still running and a man was passed out inside with his foot on the brake. After arousing the man and initiating field sobriety tests, they say that he attempted to flee on foot.

They claim to have caught him shortly thereafter and placed him under arrest on suspicion of intoxication. Reportedly, the man has four previous convictions of this nature on record. Along with DUI, he is also facing charges for resisting arrest and possession of marijuana. If convicted, he may be facing an extended prison sentence, along with various other consequences that are often challenging to overcome.

Individuals who are accused of DUI generally find it beneficial to seek counsel in the early stages of the process. When facing similar charges, many accused individuals choose to seek guidance from an attorney. A defense attorney in Wisconsin can advise a client on the potential consequences of the current situation, and assist him or her in forming a strategy to pursue the best outcome possible during criminal proceedings.

Source: Fox Point, WI Patch, "Drunk Jaguar Driver Found Asleep in Running Car at Stop Light -- Gets 5th OWI", Scott Anderson, April 26, 2017