Educator Faces Criticism Following Drunk Driving Arrest

Despite the fact that every person is prone to making mistakes, many people in Wisconsin hold educators to a higher standard than they do others. Unfortunately, many family members of students at a high school had a lot to say about recent drunk driving charges filed against an associate principal. The woman now faces criminal charges as a result of the arrest.

According to police reports, an officer observed a car stopped at a green light one night on a day in mid-December. Police claim the officer then observed the car switching lanes before driving down the center of the road. As a result, a stop was initiated.

The officer says he noticed the smell of alcohol. The 42-year-old driver of the vehicle reportedly failed a field sobriety test, and police say that her blood alcohol content was above the legal limit. She has since been charged with operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration and operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. A representative for the school district that employs the woman says that the charges filed against her have not impacted her employment status at this time as they await the results of an investigation.

Unfortunately, accusations of drunk driving can have both personal and professional ramifications on a person's life. Because most people facing such charges do not have legal training, they often seek guidance from someone with experience in such cases. With help, defendants in Wisconsin are better prepared to make important decisions that will likely have a major impact on the rest of their lives.

Source: fox6now.com, ""Not a good example:" Oak Creek High School associate principal charged with OWI, 3rd offense", Angelica Sanchez and Trisha Bee, March 21, 2017