Wisconsin Crash Results in Drunk Driving Charges

There are hundreds of different potential causes of a car accident. However, when an accident happens at certain time of day, it may be easy for police officers to jump to conclusions regarding the cause of the accident. For example, one Wisconsin man has recently been charged with drunk driving after he was involved in a crash.

Police say that a 28-year-old male driver was headed south on a Wisconsin roadway at approximately 3:15 one morning on a day in February. According to reports, the driver was speeding before he struck a parked car. Police claim that his vehicle then struck several other vehicles.

The driver is accused of failing to remain at the scene. Police say that he was taken into custody after a K-9 unit tracked the man to his apartment. He has since been arrested and is charged with operating while intoxicated in addition to traffic related charges. It is unclear why police believe the man was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident.

Because of the stigma associated with those charged with drunk driving, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Regardless of the charges, a person suspected of a crime is presumed innocent. Unfortunately, many people facing criminal charges may not know how to respond to them. As a result, they turn to an attorney who has experience with the process. By having such a person on their side, defendants are better prepared to make informed decisions regarding their criminal defense, including whether they should fight the charges in court or agree to a plea deal should one be offered.

Source: wbay.com, "Drunk driver hits 6 vehicles before hitting a home in Green Bay", Aisha Morales, Feb. 12, 2017