Protect Your Career with a Strong DUI Defense

As a working professional, any type of criminal charge could have a considerable impact on your work life. A drunk driving conviction can prove especially harmful to individuals in a variety of fields, and, as a result, you could face substantial risk of negative repercussions and potential job loss. Though you may think you will never end up with a DUI charge, everyone makes mistakes.

Though the specific types of consequences may differ from job to job and your specific circumstances could come into play, some common outcomes do exist.

Driver's license

After a DUI conviction, suspended driver's licenses often occur as a form of punishment. This consequence could have a variety of impacts. If your job requires you to operate a vehicle regularly, the odds of losing your job may increase as many employers tend to want drivers with clean records, and you cannot carry out your driving duties if you do not have a license.

Specifically, if you have a CDL in order to operate commercial vehicles, a DUI conviction could not only result in your inability to work for the duration of your license suspension, but, if you lose your job entirely, other companies may likely not want to hire you as a driver.

Professional license

Even if you do not have a CDL, you may need a different kind of license in your profession. Whether you practice as an attorney, doctor, nurse, plumber or other professional who needs a license to carry out duties, most licensing boards require you to disclose arrests and convictions. As a result, you could potentially lose your professional license due to a DUI.

Company policy

Even if you do not operate a vehicle professionally, some professions may have a mandatory firing policy for individuals convicted of DUI. Your employer should have made you aware of this policy beforehand, whether in a handbook or employment contract. If this policy affects you, your employer likely requires immediate notification after your arrest.

Protecting your job

In order to hold onto your professional position and potentially avoid negative career repercussions, you will undoubtedly need a strong defense against the drunk driving allegations. Because all DUI cases offer various complexities, you may not feel entirely confident creating your defense on your own. Luckily, you do not have to.

Gaining the assistance of an experienced Wisconsin attorney could allow you to obtain information on defense strategies that you may not have previously considered. Additionally, a legal professional can assess your case and determine your best defense methods.