You Have Rights When You Are Charged With DUI

There is no doubt that confronting a DUI charge is challenging. Wisconsin drivers who have been accused of drinking and driving understand the wealth of emotions that accompany a criminal charge of this kind. For many, getting past DUI charges may seem impossible to overcome and some people may choose to simply concede to the accusations rather than to address them head-on.

Those who do decide to investigate their rights will find, however, that they have options. In particular, people who face DUI charges have the same rights as others to present their cases when their matters come to trial. During a DUI trial, a person may present his side of the situation that led to his drunk driving arrest as well as any defenses he may have to the charges lodged against him.

Individuals who choose to fight their DUI charges do not have to do so alone. Attorneys throughout Wisconsin provide DUI defense services to individuals in just such situations. In the greater Sheboygan area, the law firm of Melowski & Singh is available for your DUI defense needs.

The attorneys of our firm can guide you through the various phases of a DUI arrest and trial. In the days after your arrest, our firm can assist you in the process of organizing the facts of your case and analyzing defense that may apply to your matter. During trial, we can advocate for you and the rights you hold even as you face charges. At your guidance, we can help you weigh your options for proceeding with plea negotiations or other methods of reducing charges. Though no outcome can be guaranteed when confronting DUI charges, individuals who decide to exert their rights can do so with the help of Melowski & Singh.