Man Charged With Owi Homicide After Drunk Driving Death

A tragic accident has claimed the life of a 26-year-old man and now a 20-year-old is accused of causing his death.

Last month a two car accident on Highway 10 in Manitowoc County killed a motorist and the driver of the other vehicle was arrested for causing the accident. The arrested man was suspected of drunk driving and is now facing the charges of OWI homicide and causing a death while operating with a suspended license, two felonies that could land him in jail for many years.

A judge recently denied the accused man's request to reduce his bond and now the man must wait for his day in court in prison unless he can come up with the cost of his bond, which is set at $5,000.

Though many people are aware of penalties like suspended licenses and ignition interlock devices for drunk driving charges, few contemplate the serious potential consequences of being accused of a drunk driving-related death. Instead of just having to pay a fine or find alternate forms of transportation for a period of time, convictions for alcohol-related driving deaths can subject a person to lengthy jail sentences and other losses of rights.

Individuals who are charged with such serious crimes do not have to face their charges alone. While they may elicit the support of family members and friends, they may also decide to employ attorneys to assist them with proceeding through the drunk driving claims they face. Attorneys who specialize in alcohol-related driving charges can be important resources for people dealing with charges that may land them in jail for significant amounts of time.

Source: WTAQ.com, "Cody Olson pleads not guilty to causing fatal OWI crash," March 4, 2014