Neenah Man Accused Of Drunk Driving After Rear Ending Cop Car

Driving under the influence may result in life-changing consequences if a person is arrested and convicted. A DUI or felony DUI conviction will show up on a criminal record, which can interfere with important goals, such as obtaining a job or going to school. A Wisconsin man accused of hitting a police vehicle with his car while intoxicated is now facing serious charges as well as other costly citations.

A 33-year-old man crashed into the back of a squad car on the morning of Feb. 2. The police officer was reportedly stopped at a flashing red light when the accident occurred. The crash caused around $5,000 worth of damage to the police vehicle.

The police officer was not injured in the accident. When he checked on the other driver, the officer says he noticed signs indicating that the driver was intoxicated.

An officer from the Neenah police department also responded to the scene. The now accused driver is said to have performed badly on sobriety tests and was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and operating with a prohibited alcohol content.

After further investigation, the man was cited for additional violations, including operating with a suspended license and failing to maintain vehicle insurance. It was also discovered that the man had driven with an expired registration. Although the accident occurred in Neenah, the same Wisconsin laws that resulted in this man's citations apply to people in Sheboygan as well.

It should be remembered, though, that breath and field sobriety tests do not always reveal accurate results. Sheboygan residents facing DUI charges can benefit from knowing about state laws related to drunken driving charges as well as what rights accused individuals have to protect themselves from unfair prosecution.

Source: wearegreenbay.com, "Drunk driver strikes Neenah police squad," Erin Davisson, Feb. 4, 2013