Sheboygan Man Accused of Sixth Dui after Witness Calls Police

We've blogged before about the serious penalties associated with repeat DUI convictions. The more convictions a person has, the greater the penalties become. Wisconsin residents facing subsequent OWI charges could lose their driver's licenses, pay steep fines, have to install an ignition interlock device and spend time in jail. Anyone who is up against these possible outcomes will need an aggressive DUI defense.

This will be the case for a 40-year-old Sheboygan man who was recently charged with DUI for the sixth time. If convicted, he faces the possibility of six years in jail.

Before the man was arrested, another motorist called authorities to report an erratic driver on Interstate 43. The witness claims to have seen the vehicle strike a median wall before the driver stopped the car, got out while holding a cup and switched places with a passenger in the car.

When police pulled over the vehicle, a 32-year-old woman from Sheboygan was driving. She apparently had a suspended driver's license, but she was not intoxicated. Authorities also claim that she indicated having switched places with the man and that he was driving.

The man's blood-alcohol test returned a result of 0.13 percent. The limit for driving is 0.08 percent.

Police also claim that, at first, the suspect refused to cooperate with deputies, but a news article doesn't indicate whether or not any related charges were filed.

In this particular case, the defendant is facing a felony DUI charge. In Wisconsin, if you are charged with DUI for the fifth time or more, the charge status is automatically raised to a felony. That means the possible penalties increase as well. Anyone accused of a subsequent OWI would do well to consult with a DUI defense attorney to discuss the available legal options.

Source: fox6now.com, "40-year-old Sheboygan man arrested for sixth DUI offense," Trisha Bee, March 29, 2013