Wisconsin Sobriety Tests Lawyers

When police officers are not sufficiently trained in field sobriety testing or fail to follow procedures, the rights of our clients facing serious DUI charges are violated. At Melowski & Associates, LLC., we understand the consequences and challenges our clients face with a drunk driving accusation hanging over their head. They are looking at the possibility of jail time, fines and driver's license suspension.

Milwaukee Sobriety Test Attorneys

Rugged and uneven terrain, poor weather conditions, your choice of footwear or even a bad back can result in failing a field sobriety test. A disability that involves multiple sclerosis or other diseases that impact physical abilities can result in a trip to jail. Hiring a lawyer well-versed in police procedures for field sobriety tests is imperative and may be the best shot at successfully defending your case.

Unlike Breathalyzer tests, field sobriety test results are subject to interpretation.

You can search the Internet and flip through the pages of a telephone book to find numerous attorneys who "handle" DUI cases. Most dedicate themselves to pushing papers and taking whatever plea bargain the prosecutor feels like giving them. At Melowski & Associates, we approach DUI cases differently. We are about success and achieving tangible results that our clients can see for themselves. Acquittals are frequent, and trials are numerous.

Success comes by attending to every detail of a drunk driving defense, particularly the field sobriety testing. Our accomplishments are tangible and well documented, particularly on our Real Results Tracker. We do not boast about years of experience or memberships on certain boards. That does little to help our clients dealing with the life-changing impact of a DUI conviction.

Don't settle for case handling or hand-holding. Take immediate action and secure the services of a winner. To schedule an appointment with our premier Wisconsin sobriety tests attorneys, contact us at 920-299-5074.