Wisconsin Non-Driving DUI Defense Lawyers

Not all DUIs involve an initial stop on the road. For example, non-driving DUIs are alleged when police officers discover someone "sleeping it off" in a driveway, parking lot or on a highway shoulder. While a decision to "sleep it off" is usually made with the best of intentions, it can lead to consequences every bit as severe as driving drunk on the road.

Instead of endangering others on the road, many people prudently make the choice to stay put in their cars. However, if the police discover you in the car, even if it isn't moving, you could be charged with a non-driving DUI.

Whether you were operating your car or using it to sober up or if you have multiple drunk driving convictions, a non-driving DUI is treated the same as any other drunk driving offense. Fines, possible jail time and the loss of a driver's license are the consequences you face.

Milwaukee Non-Driving DUI Charge Attorneys

Like you, we have questions for DUI defense attorneys who "handle" non-driving DUI cases:

  • How many cases have you won?
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At Melowski & Associates, LLC., our success comes from real results. Our achievements on behalf of our clients are based on avoiding DUI convictions or obtaining other exceptional resolutions. For us, success is based on charges being reduced, not pleading you "guilty as charged."

Drunk driving defense attorney Dennis Melowski is the only attorney in the state recognized as a 10-time Wisconsin Super Lawyer by Law & Politics and Milwaukee Magazine in the field of DUI defense. Our attorneys have succeeded in having more than 700 drunk driving charges dismissed or reduced to non-alcohol-related charges, including more than 90 complete acquittals in jury trials.

Why would you want someone to simply "handle" your case when you can have someone bring actual success? To schedule an appointment with our premier Wisconsin non-driving DUI defense attorneys, contact us at 920-299-5074.