Wisconsin DUI And Professional Licenses Lawyers

A record featuring one or more DUI convictions can lead to the loss of a license for various professionals. Airline pilots and boat captains operate large vehicles and hold responsibility for the safety of employees and passengers. Drunk driving can lead to the loss of their license and job. Doctors, lawyers and even pharmacists face similar consequences. In a competitive job market within any field, a DUI conviction can scare an employer away from hiring you as opposed to welcoming you with open arms.

Milwaukee Professional License Defense Attorneys

Simply put, there are some professions in which an impaired driving charge means the end of a successful career. In our history, we have successfully defended countless professionals and saved countless careers. The measuring stick of success at Melowski & Associates, LLC., is dismissal or reduction of charges and acquittals in court. We encourage our clients to ask the tough questions to us and peer drunk driving defense attorneys throughout the state, including:

  • How many cases have you won?
  • When was the last case you won?
  • How many DUI victories have occurred in court?
  • When was your last trial?

The consequences of a DUI conviction often involve jail time, fines and the suspension of a driver's license. However, professionals who require licensing to perform their job face additional penalties that make aggressively defending their only viable option. With so much at stake, why put your case in the hands of a drunk driving defense attorney who brags about "handling" cases?

As a licensed professional, you need more than an attorney who "handles" DUI cases. You need more than a lawyer who will "hold your hand" throughout the entire process. Your professional future and well-being of your family are at stake.

Dennis Melowski provides real results for his clients. Our attorneys have succeeded in having more than 700 drunk driving charges dismissed or reduced to non-alcohol-related charges, including more than 90 complete acquittals in jury trials. Currently, Dennis Melowski is the only one to have been selected 10 times for inclusion in Wisconsin Super Lawyers list by Law & Politics and Milwaukee Magazine for DUI defense from 2005 to 2011.

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