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Dennis Melowski Named Tops in His Field a Record-Tying Ninth Time

"There can be only one best." These aren't our words. These were the words used to describe the attorneys at Melowski & Associates in the December 2013 issue of Milwaukee Magazine. Each year, the magazine publishes a list of the top attorneys in their respective fields as determined by a statewide survey of their peers. For a record-tying ninth time, Dennis Melowski was named to this list in the field of drunk driving defense. Associates Sarvan Singh and Matt Murray were also named "Rising Stars" in the field of drunk driving defense. Very few lawyers, in any field, have had the honor of being named to this list as many times as Dennis. Even fewer law firms can lay claim to the fact that all of their attorneys have been recognized in such a way by their peers.

Other lawyers know who the truly best attorneys are and they are those who get the best results for their clients. In the end, nothing else matters. So when you are looking around the Internet and you see website after website of self-described expert DUI attorneys, know what other lawyers already know. There can be only one best. The following are the exact words of the firm's profile in Milwaukee Magazine:

There can be only best. Sounds like a simple truism, but in the Internet age of lawyer marketing, where practically every attorney's website can make them seem like the best in their field for one reason or another, it can be difficult for the unsuspecting consumer to see the real through the fake. So how does one attorney who truly is at the top of his field suggest dealing with the situation? With a laugh and a pretty simple tactic. "Most clients are referred to me, but I occasionally get cold calls from people who tell me they have already spoken to several other lawyers, all of whom claimed that DUI defense is their specialty, and they want to know why I'm any different," Melowski explains. "Before we go any further, I tell these people the same thing every time. 'Call back the other lawyers you spoke to and ask them these two questions: In the last five years, how many drunk driving cases have you tried and how many have you won? When the lawyer inevitably dances around the question, or gives you an answer that doesn't impress you, call me back.'"

The tactic rarely fails. To Melowski, the reason is clear. "The ability to win difficult cases consistently is the single greatest weapon in a trial lawyer's arsenal. It's what separates the best from the rest. You either have the track record in court to prove it, or you don't. And all the marketing claims and gimmicks in the world can't change that," he says. "People are smart. They don't care what boards you belong to or by whom you're endorsed, they want to know if you have the ability to win their case. And in our business there's only one yardstick to measure that: courtroom success."

Melowski should know. With a history of well over 400 drunk driving charges dismissed or amended to non-alcohol offenses, including more than 80 complete jury trial acquittals, his track record in DUI defense is second to none. And that's no gimmick. Just a fact.

We couldn't have said it any better ourselves. For more on why Melowski & Associates is truly the best at what we do, we invite you to continue reading our website.


In terms of measuring the performance of a law firm, there is simply no better yardstick. And success is what has consistently distinguished Melowski & Associates, LLC., in the field of drunk driving defense. While many attorneys claim to "handle" drunk driving cases, the vast majority lack either the skill, expertise or desire to obtain meaningful results for their clients.

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At Melowski & Associates, meaningful results are our business. When you are trying to decide what attorney is the right one to defend your impaired driving case, you naturally want to know what kind of track record he or she has for a case like yours. Most lawyers will dance around that question. We don't.

Since 1993, the firm's attorneys have had more than 500 drunk driving cases dismissed or reduced to non-alcohol-related charges. Countless others have been resolved in creative or unusual ways, yielding substantial benefits to our clients.

Ours is a record of success that cannot be matched by any other Wisconsin law firm. Simply put, Melowski & Associates has helped more people avoid the life-altering consequences of a drunk driving conviction than any other firm in the state. Period. And while no attorney can or should claim to win every case, he or she should at least be able to demonstrate a proven ability to win by openly and specifically recounting their successes.

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In 2011, we added the Real Results Tracker to our website. No generic and meaningless statements about "experience," "certifications" or how many drunk driving cases we have "handled." Just the specific successful outcomes we have achieved for our clients this year alone. Take a look at what we have been able to accomplish. Case after case, month after month. It won't take long for you to see that Melowski & Associates has a proven record of success that cannot be matched, by anyone.

At Melowski & Associates, we know full well how much is at stake with your drunk driving case. We know that your liberty, your career, your livelihood and your good name are very much on the line. We understand your goals. Hire an attorney who can actually accomplish them. Hire a winner. Contact us at 920-299-5074.