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Janesville woman refuses sobriety tests in fifth DUI charge

In Wisconsin, you can refuse to submit to a chemical test after a drunk driving arrest, but you need to know the consequences. Drivers who refuse a breath test will be charged with unlawful refusal of chemical testing. An automatic license revocation could result, and to protect against that outcome, defendants have a 10-day window after the arrest to request a hearing. If you don't request that hearing, your driver's license will eventually be revoked, even if you are acquitted.

Sheboygan man accused of sixth DUI after witness calls police

We've blogged before about the serious penalties associated with repeat DUI convictions. The more convictions a person has, the greater the penalties become. Wisconsin residents facing subsequent OWI charges could lose their driver's licenses, pay steep fines, have to install an ignition interlock device and spend time in jail. Anyone who is up against these possible outcomes will need an aggressive DUI defense.

Wisconsin lawmakers propose stronger drunk driving penalties

A DUI conviction in Wisconsin comes with serious penalties. If a person is faced with drunk driving charges, he or she should never just give up and let prosecutors have their way. It's important to fight DUI charges to ensure the protection of the defendant's freedom, future and wallet.

Cost could prevent tough state drunk driving charges

Body size, gender, age and genetics can determine how alcohol affects a person. One or two drinks might help one person feel relaxed while causing another to have impaired balance and slurred speech. When stopped by police for suspicion of impaired driving, these differences may not be considered by law enforcement or prosecutors who want to bring drunk driving charges. Anyone facing these accusations would do well to find out what the law actually states to protect their rights and reputations.

Sheboygan man incarcerated after ninth drunk driving offense

The state of Wisconsin takes drunk driving seriously. The consequences of a conviction for drunk driving charges can be serious and long-term, particularly if it is a repeat offense or if the drunk driving results in injury or death due to a traffic violation or car accident. Wisconsin's state laws are tiered, however, so the consequences for a first offense are much more lenient than for the fourth or fifth offense.

Wisconsin man arrested for sixth drunk driving offense

Because of the potential penalties, being arrested on DUI charges is always a serious situation. However, the penalties increase with repeat drunk driving offenses. Each subsequent DUI arrest means more potential jail time and a greater risk of losing driving privileges. This is what one Wisconsin man learned when he was recently arrested on drunk driving charges for the sixth time.

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