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Wisconsin lawmakers propose lifetime driving ban for fifth DUI

The potential consequences of a DUI arrest in Wisconsin are serious. Although a DUI first offense is not a criminal offense, a conviction can result in license suspension and hefty fines. A blood alcohol concentration of 0.15 or above, or a conviction of DUI with a minor passenger can result in mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. Second and subsequent offenses can result in a jail sentence and an ignition interlock device.

Alleged case of drunk driving leads to homicide charges

Whether a Wisconsin resident is facing his first drunk driving charge or his fifth, that individual is entitled to exercise his rights, even when he is a suspect. Those rights include employing the assistance of a legal adviser, who can help the individual prepare himself for the challenging process of defending himself in court. It is up to the discretion of the individual to choose if he will work with a lawyer, but the variety of drunk driving-related charges that a person can face each pose different consequences that could impact his life.

Punishments can compound for multiple DUI charges

Some Wisconsin residents will live their entire lives without ever incurring arrests, citations or other legal infractions. Others endure multiple encounters with law enforcement officials and face jail sentences and fines for their actions. People who are convicted of repeat offenses often are subject to more significant penalties than first-time offenders.

Drunk driving charges can cover much more than DUI

A DUI can affect a Wisconsin resident's life on many levels. It can cause a person to lose the person's driver's license temporarily or indefinitely. It can lead to excessive court costs and fines that deplete a person's savings or cause the person to go into debt. It can require a period of incarceration that causes an individual to lose that person's job or other important relationships.

Officer's lie leads to Wisconsin woman's drunk driving charges

Police officers and other law enforcement officials are charged with enforcing the ordinances and laws that keep communities safe. Their jobs can be undeniably difficult when Wisconsin residents blatantly choose to disobey the rules their governments have enacted to provide for their well-being. However, law enforcement officials can also make the lives of citizens quite difficult when they abuse their powers.

Wisconsin police on the lookout for DUI, drugged driving

Due to the serious and often life-threatening risks that arise when individuals drink and drive, Wisconsin law enforcement officers are always on the lookout for individuals driving while impaired. While most people may only think of drunk driving when they think about impaired driving, drugged driving can also become a big problem for drivers who do not realize that they may be breaking laws.

Wisconsin legislature moving forward on new DUI laws

Wisconsin residents may be interested to know that the state legislature is still pushing forward toward passing several new laws that would drastically change how drunk driving charges are handled. As lawmakers work on the multiple bills they hope to draft them in such a way that the bills have a good chance of making out of the state Senate and Assembly with enough votes to become law.

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