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OWI blood-draw ruling means Wisconsin police will have to adjust

Prosecutors, judges and police in Wisconsin will have to make some adjustments after the recent Supreme Court ruling on warrantless blood draws in OWI cases. Wisconsin and 28 other states currently don't require a search warrant to draw blood from a person suspected of drunk driving. In effect, police have been able to forcibly administer a blood test without a driver's consent.

Janesville woman refuses sobriety tests in fifth DUI charge

In Wisconsin, you can refuse to submit to a chemical test after a drunk driving arrest, but you need to know the consequences. Drivers who refuse a breath test will be charged with unlawful refusal of chemical testing. An automatic license revocation could result, and to protect against that outcome, defendants have a 10-day window after the arrest to request a hearing. If you don't request that hearing, your driver's license will eventually be revoked, even if you are acquitted.

Wisconsin lawmaker says he would support sobriety checkpoints

The issue has come up before, but the push to implement sobriety checkpoints has been brought up again in Wisconsin. The idea is still facing opposition from civil liberties proponents, who see sobriety checkpoints as an infringement on personal rights. Representative Dean Kaufert of Neenah has long opposed such a measure. A tavern owner himself, he said, "The Legislature is not ready for checkpoints."

Wisconsin lawmakers propose stronger drunk driving penalties

A DUI conviction in Wisconsin comes with serious penalties. If a person is faced with drunk driving charges, he or she should never just give up and let prosecutors have their way. It's important to fight DUI charges to ensure the protection of the defendant's freedom, future and wallet.

Driver makes near-accurate guess to police on BAC

A drunk driving conviction in the state of Wisconsin can have serious consequences. Not only could the individual face jail time but also fines and the loss of driving privileges. Proof is needed for a conviction, however, and for many, that proof comes in the form of a blood or urine test that shows the driver's blood-alcohol concentration at the time of the traffic stop. While most drivers are reticent to take such a test, a recent traffic stop of a woman suspected of OWI actually led to her near-accurate prediction of her own BAC and a subsequent arrest.

Waukesha woman accused of biting cop after DWI arrest

Driving while intoxicated is considered a serious offense in Wisconsin, and it may be punishable by a fine or imprisonment. Drivers who are suspected of being intoxicated may have to undergo field sobriety tests, breath tests or blood-alcohol tests so that their intoxication levels can be determined. However, even the most advanced intoxication tests can be fallible.

Neenah man accused of drunk driving after rear-ending cop car

Driving under the influence may result in life-changing consequences if a person is arrested and convicted. A DUI or felony DUI conviction will show up on a criminal record, which can interfere with important goals, such as obtaining a job or going to school. A Wisconsin man accused of hitting a police vehicle with his car while intoxicated is now facing serious charges as well as other costly citations.

Cost could prevent tough state drunk driving charges

Body size, gender, age and genetics can determine how alcohol affects a person. One or two drinks might help one person feel relaxed while causing another to have impaired balance and slurred speech. When stopped by police for suspicion of impaired driving, these differences may not be considered by law enforcement or prosecutors who want to bring drunk driving charges. Anyone facing these accusations would do well to find out what the law actually states to protect their rights and reputations.

Wisconsin legislators hope to toughen DUI laws

All states have laws that aim to deter drunken driving, with harsher penalties being doled out to drivers who are repeatedly arrested for DUI or who cause accidents while drunk behind the wheel.

Merrill woman faces DUI homicide charges

A felony DUI charge in Wisconsin can have serious consequences. A conviction on such a charge can lead to the loss of driving privileges, fines or even a lengthy jail sentence if a death resulted from an accident that took place while the driver was intoxicated.

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