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Is license revocation only a penalty for drunk driving?

Individuals who keep up with this Wisconsin drunk driving defense law blog probably know that license revocation is a possible penalty for being convicted of drunk driving. However, alleged drunk drivers are not the only ones who can have their licenses taken away. License revocation is a relatively common potential consequence for a variety of driving and non-driving offenses.

The difference between OWI and DUI in Wisconsin

A lot of people in Wisconsin integrate synonyms into their spoken and written communications. They do so because using the same words over and over can be repetitive and just plain boring. Words that seem synonymous, however, can sometimes have varying meanings. In terms of two Wisconsin drunk driving charges, two words that appear to have similar connotations can lead to two different criminal charges.

How drunk driving charges can become aggravated Wisconsin DUIs

As readers of this Wisconsin drunk driving defense blog may be well aware, a drunk driving or DUI charge can impose significant burdens on an affected party's life. A DUI conviction can prevent a person from exercising certain rights and privileges. It can hold a person back in his career and prevent him from advancing in other areas of his life.

Does my blood alcohol concentration rise after I stop drinking?

The human body is a highly complicated system. In fact, that system is so complicated that Wisconsin residents often rely on medical experts to help them understand when problems develop with their health. Because human bodies can react and respond in unexpected ways, many individuals fail to understand how certain substances may affect their physical and cognitive conditions.

Can I face DUI charges while operating on private property?

Wisconsin residents may own private property but often leave that property when they go to their jobs, restaurants and stores. When they pull out of their driveways and onto local roads and highways, they are generally entering public land. Questions often arise as to whether a driver can face drunk driving charges if he is operating on private property.

Wisconsin state campaign targets holiday DUIs

As the Thanksgiving and winter holiday seasons approach, Wisconsin residents begin to plan gatherings with their families and friends. Many people throughout the state travel by car to get to their acquaintances' homes. When they arrive at their destinations, some choose to indulge in good food and celebratory drinks.

Wisconsin residents have different opinions on DUI penalties

Prior posts on this blog have discussed how Wisconsin addresses first-time drunk driving offenses. Wisconsin is the only state in the country that does not criminalize first time DUI charges. Critics from inside and outside the state's borders have condemned this practice as merely a slap on the wrist for what some consider a dangerous behavior.

Drunk driving charges may lead to loss of driving privileges

Many Wisconsin residents do not hesitate when it comes to going out with friends after work. Whether they grab a quick dinner or share war stories over beer, a lot of people enjoy the camaraderie of commiseration and need to decompress after spending time at their jobs. When they leave their informal get-togethers, however, some encounter unpleasant run-ins with the law.

Aggressive defense is key when facing DUI charges

When a person is charged with a DUI offense he can feel like he is completely alone. Even if he is supported by his family and friends in the Sheboygan community he may feel that no one understands the embarrassment and frustration of being charged with an alcohol-related crime. Taking a proactive approach to defending oneself against pending DUI charges can be the first step a person can take to overcome the allegations.

Wisconsin company releases drunk driving app

Wisconsin residents get stopped on suspicion of drunk driving each day. Many of those individuals may honestly believe that they were fine when they got behind the wheels of their cars. It is usually only after a police officer flips on his flashing lights that a potentially impaired driver considers his actual state of sobriety.

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