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Report of domestic dispute leads to drunk driving charges

Being involved in an investigation into the suspected presence of unlawful behavior can be a stressful process, especially when the situation stems from another matter altogether. When authorities are called out to a location to investigate a domestic dispute, the information provided by those involved could raise suspicions of additional wrongful behavior. A 53-year-old man was reportedly arrested on suspicion of drunk driving following a complaint about a domestic incident in Wisconsin.

Becoming aware of recent changes to Wisconsin drunk driving laws

Being accused of involvement in unlawful activity can be an intimidating process and the outcome of the situation could have a lingering impact on the lives of those involved. For instance, a conviction for driving under the influence can carry severe penalties that could affect various areas of a person's life. Reports indicate that recent changes to Wisconsin laws bring about increased severity to the penalties for successive drunk driving offenses.

Drunk driving suspected in late-night crash

Being accused of involvement in unlawful activity can be a stressful experience under any circumstance. Those who stand accused of wrongdoing may find that simply being the subject of such an investigation could cause significant harm to their reputation within the community. A 35-year-old man is reportedly facing drunk driving charges after a call from a witness prompted an investigation into a single-vehicle accident in Wisconsin.

Witness descriptions leave 1 accused of drunk driving

There may be a variety of factors police must consider when investigating a motor vehicle accident. Should one party leave the scene of such an incident, authorities may be forced to rely on descriptions given by witnesses to locate this person. A 54-year-old woman in Wisconsin is facing drunk driving charges after an investigation into a hit-and-run crash involving similar circumstances.

Report of sleeping driver leaves 1 accused of drunk driving

Drowsy driving continues to be a major concern and fatigue can impact a person's ability to operate a vehicle in various ways. Those who feel the effects of fatigue setting in may feel it best to park their vehicles and rest before continuing toward their destinations. Unfortunately, a Wisconsin man is facing drunk driving charges after a recent incident in which authorities claim to have found him asleep behind the wheel of a vehicle in the middle of the road.

Multiple-vehicle crash leaves man accused of drunk driving

A major collision can take place at virtually any moment and under a variety of circumstances. In some cases, looking back to check on a minor passenger may be all it takes for a driver to veer off course and into oncoming lanes, and the results of such an error could prove hazardous. A recent incident in which a vehicle veered into the opposite lane and crashed into several cars has left a 33-year-old man accused of drunk driving in Wisconsin.

1 accused of drunk driving after crash in snowy weather

The presence of snowy or icy weather conditions can have a significant impact on a person's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Even while driving at a lesser speed, it may little more than a patch of ice to throw the vehicle into a spin and keeping it from veering off course under similar scenarios could be nearly impossible. A recent accident in Wisconsin in which police say they found a vehicle crashed into a snowy bank has reportedly left a 52-year-old man in custody on suspicion of drunk driving.

Crash involving school bus leaves man accused of drunk driving

There may be a variety of scenarios in which a driver might feel forced to make a sudden change of course. The sudden emergence of an animal in the road or the onset of a medical condition are just two examples of scenarios that could cause a driver to swerve into another lane of traffic. A recent collision that is said to have taken place after a vehicle crossed into oncoming lanes has reportedly left a 40-year-old man in Wisconsin accused of drunk driving.

1 accused of drunk driving during speed-related traffic stop

Being involved in a traffic stop for a speeding violation can be intimidating enough on its own. However, should the process lead to additional accusations of unlawful behavior, the potential consequences involved may only increase in severity. A recent traffic stop that is said to have taken place under similar circumstances has left a 44-year-old man in Wisconsin accused of drunk driving.

1 accused of drunk driving following single-vehicle crash

There are a multitude of hazardous scenarios that drivers could encounter at any given moment and handling the unexpected can be a tall task at times. In some cases, it may take little more than an animal darting into the street to force a driver to veer off the road and wreck a vehicle. A recent incident in which authorities received a call about a vehicle that had crashed into the front yard of a home in Wisconsin has left a 55-year-old man accused of drunk driving.

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