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Is your attorney taking your DUI charges seriously?

When you have an ailment or unusual symptom that causes concern, you go to a doctor and ask for advice. If the doctor's advice does not satisfy your concerns or leave you feeling better, you probably make an appointment for another doctor and perhaps another until you find a medical professional who will take your concerns seriously.

Aggravated DUI brings heightened penalties

When police charge someone with an aggravated crime, it means there are additional elements to the offense that make it more serious than usual. Charges of an aggravated crime often carry much harsher penalties for convictions and may even take a misdemeanor offense to the felony level.

Police limitations during a DUI stop

You may be aware of your constitutional rights protecting you from police search and seizure without good reason. In other words, a police officer can't stop you on the street and pat you down just to make sure you aren't carrying any contraband. Likewise, police may not enter your home or search your car without your permission unless they have a warrant. The law also places very specific limits on what police may do when they pull you over for DUI.

Your job and your DUI arrest

A night out with friends did not end well if you found yourself on the side of the road staring at the point of a police officer's pen. Your DUI arrest, whether it was your first offense or not, has left you embarrassed and thankful you weren't in an accident. Now you may be anxious to just take your punishment and get it over with.

Wisconsin's new DUI law gets tough on fourth offense

Wisconsin lawmakers were busy in 2017, and 2018 will reveal the proof of their accomplishments. Apparently unsatisfied with the reputation the state has as one of the most lenient states for DUI penalties, lawmakers recently passed a bill tightening the laws for drunk driving and increasing the severity of related penalties.

Should you admit to drinking as part of your DUI defense?

Driving can often help individuals get out of situations that may present safety issues. However, if you have consumed alcohol, you may question whether you should get behind the wheel due to the potential legal consequences of such action, even if you feel unsafe. In some cases, you may believe that you have no other choice than to drive after consuming alcohol.

Will a DUI destroy hopes of obtaining a pilot's license?

Being a commercial airline pilot is unlike any other job. The traveling, the experiences and the opportunities for success are just a few reasons why people aspire to be pilots. You can probably add your personal reasons to the list, and it is likely that list has grown since you first decided you wanted to fly.

The serious consequences for drugged driving

Wisconsin drivers know that there are many things that could get them in trouble behind the wheel. From drunk driving to distracted driving, there are many dangerous behaviors that could lead to serious accidents and, in some cases, serious legal repercussions. One of these includes drugged driving.

Could the way you look lead to DUI charges?

When attempting to handle criminal charges of any type, you certainly know that evidence can play an important role in your defense as well as the prosecution's case against you. During the discovery portion of your criminal proceedings, you have the right to request the evidence against you in order to better understand what to expect and how to potentially plan ahead to face your case.

I wasn't driving! Why was I arrested for DUI?

You knew that you had too much to drink, and you didn't want to drive. Instead, you decided to get into your car and wait until you were more sober. A police officer came along "just to check on you," and before you realized what was going on, you were under arrest for driving under the influence.

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