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High levels of stress may contribute to alcohol use disorders

Stress affects most people and can come about for various reasons. Some people may feel stressed in their home environments, about work or health issues, or about financial matters, for example. The manner in which people choose to handle stress can either alleviate the negative feelings or, in some cases, make them worse.

For some, consuming alcohol is a way that they try to handle stress, but often, the effects of alcohol do not help the problem overall. In fact, alcohol abuse and alcohol use disorders can stem from overusing alcohol as a way to cope with stress.

Are you or a loved one at risk of an abuse disorder?

You may have struggled with alcohol consumption or have a loved one who uses alcohol to handle difficult situations. At first, you may not have had much concern over the matter, but some people face a higher risk of developing an alcohol use disorder, including individuals with the following history: 

  • People who suffered abuse or neglect in childhood
  • Individuals whose mother consumed alcohol while pregnant
  • People whose family history includes alcoholism
  • Individuals with mental health issues that could lead to consuming alcohol as a way to cope with difficulties

These factors often result in people having an inability to handle stress well. Unfortunately, this could mean that you or a loved one turns to alcohol too frequently in an attempt to avoid or cope with stressful scenarios.

Overuse of alcohol

Turning to alcohol to handle stress is not uncommon. Studies have found that both men and women who have high levels of stress tend to drink more. However, those studies also indicate that men are more likely to have alcohol abuse issues and are more likely to binge drink. Unfortunately, consuming copious amounts of alcohol can have serious adverse health effects, both physically and mentally, and can lead to other difficult scenarios as well.

Criminal charges

Individuals who have alcohol use disorders may also have a greater likelihood of facing DUI charges for drinking and driving. If you or a loved one end up in this type of situation, it is important to remember that legal help is available. Defending against DUI charges may not seem easy, but anyone accused of a crime has the right to create and present a defense against any allegation.

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