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August 2017 Archives

Could the way you look lead to DUI charges?

When attempting to handle criminal charges of any type, you certainly know that evidence can play an important role in your defense as well as the prosecution's case against you. During the discovery portion of your criminal proceedings, you have the right to request the evidence against you in order to better understand what to expect and how to potentially plan ahead to face your case.

Death of 2 pedestrians leads to accusations of drunk driving

With many individuals choosing to walk to and from their destinations, drivers may need to exercise caution to avoid a potential catastrophe. With little in the way of protective barriers, pedestrian-related accidents can turn deadly, potentially leaving the driver to face criminal accusations depending on the underlying circumstances. A 46-year-old man in Wisconsin is facing drunk driving charges following a recent accident that reportedly led to the death of a woman and her child.

Wisconsin woman accused of drunk driving with minor in vehicle

Certain hours of the day may be considered more prevalent times for criminal activity. For those who choose to drive in the early hours of the morning, any erratic driving behaviors could lead to suspicions of driving under the influence of alcohol. A 34-year-old woman was recently arrested and accused of drunk driving with a minor in the vehicle following a traffic stop in Wisconsin.

Car and house fire leads to drunk driving charges for 1

A Wisconsin man has recently been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol after his vehicle allegedly struck the home in which he resides. Facing drunk driving charges can be an intimidating process, and a conviction for similar offenses carries severe penalties. With the potential gravity of the situation, he is likely focusing on his defense in preparation for legal proceedings.

1 facing felony drunk driving charges following alleged chase

With each successive offense, the penalties for driving under the influence increase in severity. In Wisconsin, a fifth offense or higher for drunk driving is a felony, and a conviction under similar circumstances could be devastating. A 43-year-old man is facing a fifth DUI offense after an alleged police chase in Wisconsin.

I wasn't driving! Why was I arrested for DUI?

You knew that you had too much to drink, and you didn't want to drive. Instead, you decided to get into your car and wait until you were more sober. A police officer came along "just to check on you," and before you realized what was going on, you were under arrest for driving under the influence.

Woman facing felony drunk driving charges in Wisconsin

The consequences for a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol are severe, perhaps especially if additional charges are included. When an accident occurs, or if a minor is present at the time, those accused of drunk driving often face stiffer penalties. A woman was arrested and is facing similar charges after she allegedly hit a police cruiser in Wisconsin recently.

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