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March 2017 Archives

Failed sobriety tests lead to Wisconsin arrest

Most people in Wisconsin recognize the potential risks of driving under the influence. However, it may be easy to assume that a person who has made mistakes involving drunk driving in the past will repeat the same mistakes in the future, regardless of the changes they make in their lives. Unfortunately, one Wisconsin man was recently arrested after he allegedly failed sobriety tests.

Educator faces criticism following drunk driving arrest

Despite the fact that every person is prone to making mistakes, many people in Wisconsin hold educators to a higher standard than they do others. Unfortunately, many family members of students at a high school had a lot to say about recent drunk driving charges filed against an associate principal. The woman now faces criminal charges as a result of the arrest.

A DUI on your record may mean a roadblock for your future

If you had to rank the worst mistakes you've made in your life, your recent DUI arrest would probably be high on the list. What may have begun as a hilarious party or a fun night with friends ended in the back of a police car. Now concern for your future has probably filled you with anxiety. The penalties for drunk driving in Wisconsin can follow you for many years, even if this is your first offense.

Wisconsin police say woman failed field sobriety tests

Anyone who has been involved in an accident knows that they can have both a psychological and physical impact. Even drivers who are not injured can display symptoms of shock or stress in the aftermath that could affect their performance on field sobriety tests regardless of whether they were at fault. Unfortunately, police in Wisconsin and other areas of the country may assume that these symptoms are actually an indication that the person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

2 Wisconsin friends arrested for drunk driving

There are some friends who would do anything for each other, including going to extremes to ensure each other's safety. However, police in Wisconsin have recently arrested two women for drunk driving. One of the arrests came after a friend of the first woman arrested attempted to check on her at the police station.

What's at stake for a Wisconsin trucker convicted of OWI?

There is no such thing as a minor conviction for a charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated in Wisconsin. Experienced attorneys know, and first-time offenders come to realize quickly, that the loss of driving privileges is a significant consequence. Even if it's only a temporary suspension, being unable to get to school, to work, or run errands because you can't drive can bring the whole family to a halt.

Drunk driving suspected in Wisconsin car accident

Many drivers have likely had a moment when they were unable to stop in time. For example, an animal runs into the road, and a driver is unable to avoid a collision. Unfortunately, police believe that a recent accident in which a woman was allegedly unable to avoid hitting a pedestrian was caused by speeding. Wisconsin police have also accused the woman of drunk driving.

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