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February 2017 Archives

Wisconsin crash results in drunk driving charges

There are hundreds of different potential causes of a car accident. However, when an accident happens at certain time of day, it may be easy for police officers to jump to conclusions regarding the cause of the accident. For example, one Wisconsin man has recently been charged with drunk driving after he was involved in a crash.

Wisconsin politician seeks harsher drunk driving penalties

Accusations of driving under the influence are serious under any circumstances. However, many times charges are based on the subjective observations of a police officer or could be subject to human error when breath tests are administered. One Wisconsin politician, Rep. Jim Ott, wants to make penalties for drunk driving convictions harsher even though his previous efforts to do so have been unsuccessful.

Wisconsin man faces accusations of drunk driving for swerving

Anyone who has driven with young children in the car knows that they can create distraction. A child who is crying, for example, can easily pull a driver's attention away from the road. An attempt to hand a child an item can cause a driver to swerve. Unfortunately, police believe that a Wisconsin man was drunk driving with a young child in the car with him, resulting in his arrest.

Wisconsin man faces drunk driving charges following car troubles

Some people in Wisconsin have made mistakes. Even if they have made efforts to overcome these mistakes, it may be easy for others to assume that they will repeat the same mistakes in the future, especially if criminal charges were involved. Unfortunately, a man now faces drunk driving charges -- the ninth time he has faced such charges.

Wisconsin man accused of 4th drunk driving offense

It is easy to look at a person's past and make assumptions about their present and future. However, many people who have made mistakes are often able to overcome them and start a new life. Unfortunately, police in Wisconsin have accused a man with three drunk driving convictions of causing an accident while under the influence of alcohol.

Drunk driving charges pending following fatal Wisconsin crash

Car accidents can happen at any time, especially when drivers may not have a significant amount of experience driving. Unfortunately, police officers may assume that accidents that happen at a certain time of day and involving teenage drivers are a result of a driver who is under the influence of alcohol. A young man in Wisconsin was arrested, with drunk driving charges likely pending, following a fatal accident.

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