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January 2017 Archives

Newest DUI prevention technique: eating chips

Super Bowl LI may be a sore spot among Green Bay Packers fans this season. Drinking is already a favorite activity associated with Packers fans and the Super Bowl, and it may be an even more sought after coping mechanism this year after the Atlanta Falcons defeated our hometown team 44-21 in the NFC Championship game.

Wisconsin woman with broken arm accused of drunk driving

Although accidents can happen at any time, those who are driving at night with low visibility and on few hours of sleep may be especially at risk. Unfortunately, accidents that may have been caused by fatigue may fall under the assumption that it was drunk driving related due to the time of the day accident occurs. One woman in Wisconsin was recently charged with drunk driving after she was reportedly involved in an accident that left her injured.

Wisconsin man accused of drunk driving following crash

Car accidents can happen at any moment for a variety of different reasons. Because of the stigma associated with drunk driving, assumptions about a person's level of sobriety may be made if there is only the slightest hint that a person may have been consuming alcohol. One man in Wisconsin has been accused of drunk driving following a fatal crash.

Wisconsin man accused of drunk driving after crash

Anyone who has driven with children in the car know of the distractions they can cause. A small child who demands a dropped sippy cup or older children who are fighting can easily pull a parent's attention away from the task of driving a vehicle. One Wisconsin man now faces drunk driving charges after he allegedly wrecked a van containing three children under the age of 16.

Drunk driving, other charges filed against Wisconsin driver

All drivers have likely experienced a time when their vehicle accidentally crossed the centerline briefly. Many times, this even occurs to attentive drivers who are driving defensively as they navigate through an unfamiliar area or around a curve. Unfortunately, one man in Wisconsin who was accused of driving across the center line now faces multiple criminal charges, including accusations of drunk driving.

Challenging field sobriety tests in Wisconsin

The vast majority of police officers in Wisconsin are dedicated to their jobs. They want to ensure that the people they are sworn to protect are as safe as possible. However, the enthusiasm for their job can often lead to assumptions that could have serious consequences. For example, field sobriety tests can often lead to false accusations of drunk driving due to their subjective nature.

Drunk driving charges follow holiday crash in Wisconsin

The holidays are often a time of joyful celebration in Wisconsin and across the country. Because there tend to be more parties and opportunities for socialization during this time of the year, police are often sensitive to potential signs that a driver may be under the influence of alcohol. Unfortunately, one woman now faces drunk driving charges following a holiday crash.

Police officer accused of drunk driving in Wisconsin

Police officers are often held to higher standards than average citizens. If they are accused of a crime, including drunk driving, they often face both swift and severe personal and professional ramifications. Unfortunately, one police officer was recently arrested following an accident involving a pedestrian in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin man faces jail time following drunk driving arrest

A car accident can happen at any time for a variety of different reasons. In some situations, a person could be involved in a relatively minor accident and be completely unaware. For example, some people could mistake a collision for a large pothole in the road. Unfortunately, a Wisconsin man was recently arrested on drunk driving charges following an allegation of a hit-and-run accident.

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