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June 2016 Archives

Court holds only judges can reduce DUI charges

Back in April, Governor Scott Walker signed a bill into law making a fourth drunk driving charge a felony, regardless of its timing in relation to previous charges. This is important information for Wisconsin residents who may suddenly wind up facing the potential of stiffer penalties for a repeat offense. Often, though, charges can be negotiated down so that, should a conviction be obtained by the prosecution, the penalties are less severe. But a recent court ruling has shifted the landscape.

Wisconsin DUI cases often turn on evidentiary issues

Successfully navigating the criminal legal system requires understanding a lot of legal nuances. Though some of them may seem relatively minor, having very little impact on the outcome of a case, properly utilizing certain aspects of the law can make the difference between a guilty verdict and an acquittal. If you have been charged with a crime like drunk driving, you need to ensure that your criminal defense is thorough, well-prepared, and tailored to your case's facts and legal issues.

The importance of attacking chain of custody

As the summer months arrive, Wisconsin police will continue to crack down on drunk driving. As a result, many Wisconsinites may unexpectedly wind up facing DUI charges. This can cause fear and stress, particularly when one considers the potential penalties and the effect they can have on an individual's life. There is a lot at stake when facing drunk driving allegations, which means that those who have been accused of the crime should be fully prepared to mount a competent criminal defense.

How long will I lose my license after a drunk driving conviction?

A drunk driving conviction comes with many penalties. The duration of a license revocation depends on the drunk driving crime on which a person was convicted. Under Wisconsin law a person may lose the person's driver's license for a matter of months or for a number of years.

Can I be charged with the drunk driving of a boat?

Though the first day of summer will not officially arrive for a few more weeks, many Sheboygan residents view Memorial Day as the start of the season. Those who were lucky enough to enjoy the holiday with their families and friends may have done so near or on some of the many lakes and rivers that decorate the Wisconsin landscape. However, as the weather warms and more individuals spend their leisure time outdoors, it is important that they remember drunk driving charges can result from operating boats and watercrafts with alcohol in their systems.

Elements of a breathalyzer test

Wisconsin law enforcement officials often ask individuals suspected of drunk driving to submit to an alcohol breath test. Though some drivers may refuse to take the offered tests, doing so can result in those individuals losing their drivers' licenses through the state's implied consent law. This law, which has previously been discussed on this DUI defense law blog, states that by driving on the state's roads drivers have consented to submitting to alcohol testing.

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