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Last week this Sheboygan drunk driving and DUI defense law blog highlighted just how prevalent drunk driving arrests are in Wisconsin when compared to similar arrests in the other 49 states. With many arrests occurring within the state’s borders it may seem as though police officers and prosecutors throughout the state would only bring charges against individuals who are truly in violation of Wisconsin’s drunk driving laws. What this blog has also highlighted, though, is the upsetting fact that drunk driving tests and assessments can be subjective and their results may erroneously suggest intoxication on the part of legally sober drivers.

Wisconsin near top of drunk driving arrest list

If it seems to readers that Wisconsin police officers make a lot of arrests for suspected DUI, OWI and other drunk driving charges, they would be right. A recent survey was released that ranks the 50 states based on their incidents of drunk driving arrests and fatalities. Based on the survey, Wisconsin is one of the top five states for these occurrences.

Subjectivity may cloud accuracy of field sobriety tests

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has endorsed three tests for law enforcement officers to use in the event that they suspect individuals of drunk driving. Those three tests are the horizontal gaze nystagmus, walk and turn and the one-leg stand. Police officers in Wisconsin use these tests as well as others to judge whether drivers are intoxicated; though NHTSA research suggests that failure to perform on the three mentioned tests does generally indicate intoxication on the part of a driver, no test is infallible and each may subjectively affect or challenge some individuals more than others.

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