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March 2016 Archives

Three common field sobriety tests in Wisconsin

Some of our readers in Wisconsin may have heard news reports over the recent St. Patrick's Day holiday about increased law enforcement patrols focused on finding drunk drivers. These types of surges in patrols are common around many holidays, and our readers will likely hear more about them this summer as Independence Day approaches. In any given traffic stop where a law enforcement officer suspects a driver of operating under the influence of alcohol, one or more field sobriety tests may be administered. There are three particular tests that are highly utilized.

Those facing DUI charges could be eligible for sobriety program

America is currently experiencing a shift in the criminal justice system in terms of how defendants who are accused of crimes involving drugs and alcohol are treated. For years, many state legislatures took the approach of simply making the punishment for these types of crimes more severe, apparently in an effort to deter people from getting involved in situations involving the illegal use of alcohol or drugs. But, in recent months, the national conversation has turned more toward an approach that recognizes that some people who have been arrested for crimes involving drugs or alcohol have a dependency problem - a problem that needs to be addressed in a different way than just throwing the defendants in jail for longer periods of time.

Sobriety testing can lead to false DUI allegations

Field sobriety tests can include many different examinations of a driver's coordination and physical capacity. The law firm of Melowski & Associates, through its DUI defense blog, has provided its readers with some information on those varied and complicated tests. However, to truly learn what sobriety testing results can do to or for a person facing drunk driving charges in the state of Wisconsin, individuals are invited to contact their attorney of choice to learn more about the legal services available to help protect their legal rights, freedom, and finances.

Perceptions on driving with suspended license can greatly differ

In an observational study promulgated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, evidence of differing perceptions about driving on suspended licenses emerge from different parts of the country. Interestingly enough, one of the regions explored in the study was Milwaukee, Wisconsin,

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