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February 2016 Archives

State lawmakers vote to make 4th drunk driving offense a felony

Under Wisconsin's current law, a fourth drunk driving offense is only a felony if it occurs within five years of a prior drunk driving conviction. The designation of all fourth time drunk driving offenses as felonies recently took one step closer to becoming a reality when Assembly members voted on the change. The vote, which only had one dissenter, may lay the foundation for a much tougher drunk driving law on Wisconsin's books.

Does Wisconsin have a habitual traffic offender law?

The state of Wisconsin does have a habitual traffic offender law. Through the Department of Transportation and law enforcement efforts, drivers' offenses are tracked and evaluated to determine if they pose consistent or habitual threats on the roads. Offenses that can count toward evaluation under the habitual traffic offender law include drunk driving charges, moving violations, and even infractions that occur out of state.

The totality of the circumstances in field sobriety tests

First thing in the morning, it may be difficult for a Sheboygan resident to stand on one leg, follow a light with his eyes, or recite the alphabet backwards. Though these feats are not terribly taxing on a person's physical or cognitive abilities, they may be extra challenging to successfully complete when an individual is transitioning from sleep to consciousness. After a few minutes of wakefulness and maybe a cup of coffee, his success at performing these common field sobriety tests may significantly improve.

Responding to breath test evidence

Flashing lights in one's rearview mirror generally indicate that a Wisconsin resident is about to have an encounter with a police officer. Police officers throughout the state make traffic stops for a variety of reasons, such as speeding, distracted driving and suspected drunk driving. If you are stopped and suspected of operating a vehicle while having alcohol in your system, then you may be subjected to different tests to assess your condition.

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