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July 2015 Archives

Blood tests can vary based on the unique qualities of drivers

Residents of Sheboygan, like people who live throughout the rest of the state and country, often enjoy the pastime of people-watching. A careful observer of people will often notice the big and small similarities and differences that exist between individuals within a single community. What they wear, how tall they might be, and how they carry themselves are just a few of the external qualities that people-watchers may note in others.

Proposed bills carry heavy penalties for DUI, OWI charges

This Wisconsin drunk driving defense blog has previously mentioned that Wisconsin is the only state in the country where a first time drunk driving offense results in a citation rather than a misdemeanor charge. Prior actions by state legislators have attempted to change this difference, though as of yet, Wisconsin stands firm on its citation rule. A current lawmaker is looking to push that issue again, as well as a few others that carry with them very serious potential consequences for drunk driving convictions.

Are Wisconsin's drunk driving laws like those of other states?

The individual states are tasked with creating and enforcing drunk driving laws within their borders. This Wisconsin DUI defense blog focuses on Wisconsin drunk driving laws because they are the laws that apply to the area's residents. However, if Wisconsin drivers ever leave the state, they become subject to the laws of the jurisdictions in which they operate their cars.

Drunk driving convictions may lead to habitual offender status

This Wisconsin DUI defense legal blog has spent several post entries discussing the consequences of drunk driving convictions. In Wisconsin, a driver can lose his license under a suspension or revocation if he is convicted of offenses related to operating a vehicle with drugs or alcohol in his system. If a driver incurs multiple convictions for DUI or other drunk driving offenses, he could find himself not only without a license but also labeled as a habitual offender.

Does drunk driving impose points on my driving record?

In Wisconsin, a variety of actions can result in a driver facing a moving violation. Speeding, illegal passing and following without sufficient space can all end with a driver facing penalties from law enforcement officials. Often when a driver is convicted of a moving violation, he may have points or demerits assigned to his license.

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