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March 2013 Archives

Fourth OWI charge for 21-year-old Oshkosh man

In Wisconsin, multiple OWI offenses mean increased penalties, including the suspension of a driver's license and even jail time. What people accused of drunk driving need to know is that defenses are available to help protect the defendant's rights.

Milwaukee mother's parental rights at stake over DUI charge

It's a tough battle for parents accused of drunk driving with their kids in the car, but it's a battle worth fighting. Wisconsin law applies serious consequences when a person is convicted of DUI while kids are in the vehicle, and one mother in Milwaukee is up against such a charge.

Wisconsin lawmaker says he would support sobriety checkpoints

The issue has come up before, but the push to implement sobriety checkpoints has been brought up again in Wisconsin. The idea is still facing opposition from civil liberties proponents, who see sobriety checkpoints as an infringement on personal rights. Representative Dean Kaufert of Neenah has long opposed such a measure. A tavern owner himself, he said, "The Legislature is not ready for checkpoints."

Wisconsin lawmakers propose stronger drunk driving penalties

A DUI conviction in Wisconsin comes with serious penalties. If a person is faced with drunk driving charges, he or she should never just give up and let prosecutors have their way. It's important to fight DUI charges to ensure the protection of the defendant's freedom, future and wallet.

Driver makes near-accurate guess to police on BAC

A drunk driving conviction in the state of Wisconsin can have serious consequences. Not only could the individual face jail time but also fines and the loss of driving privileges. Proof is needed for a conviction, however, and for many, that proof comes in the form of a blood or urine test that shows the driver's blood-alcohol concentration at the time of the traffic stop. While most drivers are reticent to take such a test, a recent traffic stop of a woman suspected of OWI actually led to her near-accurate prediction of her own BAC and a subsequent arrest.

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