Wisconsin Man Faces First DUI After Driving Wrong Way On I 94

Drunk driving charges, even on the first offense, can result in heavy fines, court costs, alcohol counseling and even the requirement of using an ignition interlock device on a vehicle. Those facing drunk driving charges should seek to create the best defense possible by understanding both the evidence arrayed against them and the court's ability to provide leniency for some offenders.

Earlier this month, a man was traveling in the wrong direction through Milwaukee on I-94. Wisconsin Department of Transportation cameras apparently picked up his car traveling the wrong way as he passed Oklahoma, Holt, Howard and Layton Avenues in the early morning hours of Sunday, Sept. 30. Police allege that he was intoxicated at the time.

Law enforcement administered a blood alcohol test that registered a 0.14 BAC. In addition to the first-time DUI charge, the man also faces one count of recklessly endangering safety due to the wrong-way driving. The potential sentence for endangerment is quite severe. The statute prescribes a maximum term of ten years' imprisonment.

First-time offenders facing a drunk driving charge may ask the courts for leniency, especially when they have no prior record. Challenging the accuracy or sufficiency of the evidence is also important. Blood alcohol tests may be faulty or improperly administered, and many mitigating factors can help those accused of drunk driving work to lessen or even overcome the charge. Understanding these factors is the first step in creating a solid defense that can help prevent harsher penalties or even jail time.

Source: WTMJ.com, "Wrong-way drunk driver caught on DOT cameras in Milwaukee County," Annie Scholz, Oct. 1, 2012