Report: Drunk Driving Arrests Strain Wisconsin Justice System

A person who faces drunken driving charges should be fully aware of his or her rights before, during and after the arrest. The penalties for being convicted of OWI are severe, including license suspension or revocation, as well as other serious consequences such as heavy fines and jail time. Though in Wisconsin there is no permanent license revocation, there are various types of license suspensions that can be ordered.

A recent investigation by WISC-TV highlights the significant strain drunk driving arrests place on the criminal justice system. Hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin residents have been convicted of drunk driving, and many of those arrests relate to repeat offenses.

A Dane County treatment program aims at helping repeat offenders become sober and stay that way. The program, which is one year long, helps participants get a GED, find a job and otherwise integrate into a sober community.

The program is funded by the state. However, even with treatment programs, Wisconsin courts are still burdened by the large number of DUI cases heard each year. On top of that, according to a local district attorney, there is a shortage of prosecutors to handle the sizeable amount of work related to these arrests.

Sheboygan residents accused of drunk driving should know that there are programs available within the criminal justice system aimed at reducing the likelihood of repeat offenses. And to protect their driving rights and their freedom, anyone accused drunk driving should consult with an attorney to consider the options for a strong DUI defense.

Source: Channel3000.com, "Justice system struggles to curb Wisconsin's repeat drunken drivers," Nov. 15, 2012