Wisconsin Man Arrested For Sixth Drunk Driving Offense

Because of the potential penalties, being arrested on DUI charges is always a serious situation. However, the penalties increase with repeat drunk driving offenses. Each subsequent DUI arrest means more potential jail time and a greater risk of losing driving privileges. This is what one Wisconsin man learned when he was recently arrested on drunk driving charges for the sixth time.

On Dec. 6, a 40-year-old man was driving eastbound on Interstate 90/94 in Columbia County when he was reportedly stopped by a state patrol officer for speeding. After being stopped, he was arrested and charged with DUI.

This is not the man's first run-in with the law, which makes the potential consequences for these DUI charges higher. He is currently awaiting trial for disorderly conduct charges and allegedly having contact with a victim of domestic abuse. He was handed drunken driving charges in October 2001, after which he served a 30-day jail sentence. In February 2002, he was also charged with DUI and spent a longer period of time in jail.

May 2003 brought his next jail sentence, this time for armed robbery and resisting arrest. In January 2007 was his next DUI arrest, this time resulting in three months in jail. He also served time in April 2011 for battery and disorderly conduct. Currently, he awaits trial in the Columbia County Jail for his most recent alleged offenses.

In cases like these, in which defendants are facing repeat drunk driving charges, the stakes are very high, and defendants need to be fully aware of their options. Previous convictions do not automatically lead to a present conviction, though prosecutors and police would like us to believe otherwise. Only a close analysis of the circumstances of the arrest can determine the outcome of a case.

Source: Reesburg Times-Press, "Man faces 6th drunken driving charge," Dec. 8, 2012