Repeat Drunk Driving Conviction Prompts Severe Sentence

Drunken driving cases can be complex and difficult in Wisconsin. Achieving the desired results depends on having legal counsel that has a record that reflects results. Anyone accused of operating while impaired should consult a lawyer immediately. If the charge is felony drunk driving or OWI, the necessity of solid legal representation is even greater.

The penalties for conviction of a felony DUI charge are harsh to begin with and only get worse if additional instances are on a person's record. A lot depends on what Wisconsin county is involved. Six months in jail could be the minimum. Fines can be jacked up significantly for multiple offenses.

Those consequences likely seem minor for one woman who recently appeared in court in Milwaukee. She is headed to prison. She has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after being convicted in July of a ninth OWI charge. The 29-year-old was first convicted of OWI at age 16 after the car she was driving crashed, and the friend riding with her was killed.

Official records of her latest arrest in July indicated that her infant daughter was in the back seat. She was stopped after reportedly veering out of her lane, striking a median, some construction barrels and a car. Police said the woman's blood alcohol level was reportedly three times the legal limit.

The woman was sentenced to 10 years of probation following her prison term. She will also be required to have an ignition interlock device in her vehicle for three years. The device prevents a vehicle from starting if a breath test indicates intoxication.

Source: KSDK-TV, "Evelynn Brown sentenced for 9th drunk driving offense," Hillary Mintz, WISN-TV, Nov. 29, 2012