OWI For Waupun Woman Found Hiding In Grass

The penalties for DUI offenses in Wisconsin generally become more severe with each conviction. The first conviction on drunk driving charges can result in fines, the loss of driving privileges and mandatory alcohol counseling.

These issues are likely on the mind of a 23-year-old woman who was recently arrested for OWI for the first time in Dodge County. She was taken into custody in connection with a hit-and-run accident in the town of Trenton. A resident reported tires squealing around 2:45 a.m., and deputies responding to the call found an abandoned vehicle that had apparently run into a utility pole and mailbox.

Deputies identified the woman they believed to be the driver from the identification she left in her purse, which was still in the vehicle. The police first went to her residence and questioned her family, who told them the woman should have already arrived home. A couple of hours after that, a Waupun police officer used a thermal imaging device to locate the driver, who was uninjured, hiding in the grass not far from the crash site.

The young woman was arrested for OWI, hit and run, and probation hold, according to the Dodge County Sheriff. A local news report didn't indicate the results of any blood-alcohol or field sobriety tests that may have been administered.

Defendants in drunk driving cases will need to consider all of the legal options for mitigating penalties and protecting driving privileges. Depending on the circumstances of the arrest, it may be possible to have the charges reduced or even dropped. The case may also call for a favorable plea deal that allows the defendant to avoid more serious penalties. In any case, an aggressive DUI defense is necessary to protect the rights of any accused individual.

Source: Channel 3000, "Sheriff: Waupun woman hides in grass after hit-and-run," Nov. 20, 2012