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November 2012 Archives

Wisconsin man receives jail time for 8th DUI

There are millions of DUI arrests each year, and they can happen to anyone. We all make mistakes, and drunk driving convictions carry long-lasting consequences, including jail time, revocation of license and fines. In cases of repeat offenses, the consequences can be even worse, as one Wisconsin man is finding out.

Report: Drunk driving arrests strain Wisconsin justice system

A person who faces drunken driving charges should be fully aware of his or her rights before, during and after the arrest. The penalties for being convicted of OWI are severe, including license suspension or revocation, as well as other serious consequences such as heavy fines and jail time. Though in Wisconsin there is no permanent license revocation, there are various types of license suspensions that can be ordered.

Wisconsin woman sentenced for infant daughter's death

Overconsumption of alcohol can lead to unfortunate situations, particularly when vehicles are involved. Sometimes, even if a person is not pulled over for drunk driving, that individual can still face serious charges for using a vehicle in an irresponsible manner.

Woman faces DUI charges after three car accidents

Driving or boating while intoxicated can potentially lead to fines, incarceration, and license suspension. There are many different aspects to a DUI case, and those facing drunk driving charges should be aware of all the possible options for defense.

Requested breath test for blood alcohol concentration ruled legal

Officers use many different methods for testing the blood alcohol concentration of suspected drunk drivers. Breathalyzers are a common tool employed by Wisconsin law enforcement to create a preliminary analysis of a person's BAC. These tools may not always render accurate results, and human error can play a large factor in the conclusions reached by officers using the tools. Those who have been stopped while driving or otherwise forced to take a Breathalyzer test should seek to understand their rights and options under the law.

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