The following testimonials are from actual clients of the firm who took it upon themselves to post an online review or to send us a card or note expressing their sincere gratitude for the results we were able to deliver. At Melowski & Associates, satisfied clients are our number one priority. Much like our record of success, our client satisfaction rate is second to none. Our attorneys have more 5-star client reviews on the independent lawyer rating website Avvo than any DUI or criminal defense firm in the state. And frankly, it's not even close. So, by all means, take a look at what former clients have to say about their experience with our firm:

"I was referred to Dennis Melowski by my company's corporate law firm in another state after receiving my first ever DUI charge. My job and career are such that the stigma and penalties associated with such a conviction would have been devastating. I had to fight it and wanted the very best lawyer I could find. After nearly a year of dealing with a very stubborn DA in a tough county, Dennis won my case in a jury trial. Other lawyers actually came to watch him in action. Even the judge and the court staff said what a great job he did. If you are looking for the very best DUI defense, I cannot recommend Dennis Melowski strongly enough."

— Google+ Review

"In April of this year, I was pulled over by the police for DUI/DWI. A lawyer who was handling my divorce at the time recommended a lawyer he knew well who handled DUI/DWI. I met with this lawyer but did not feel comfortable with him as my attorney representing me in this case. He said I should get a second opinion and meet with another lawyer. He suggested Dennis Melowski. I called Mr. Melowski to schedule a meeting so we could review my case.

I did some inquiries into Mr. Melowski's reputation in handling DUI/DWI cases and in every instance my inquiries came back as Mr. Melowski was the best DUI/DWI lawyer in the state. From our initial meeting I knew I wanted Dennis Melowski to represent me. He immediately put me at ease and I could recognize his professionalism and knowledge of the law. I have a commercial drivers license for my job so I couldn't afford to lose my license if found guilty. With Mr. Melowski hard work and dedication, I was able to keep my commercial drivers license and my job leading up until my court date. As of this past Thursday, I was informed by Mr. Melowski that in working with the district attorney, the charge had been reduced to inattentive driving and I would not lose my license or my job and would not have to go through a court trial.

I cannot begin to describe the tremendous weight that has been lifted off my shoulders. Anyone who reads this review if you need the best DUI/DWI lawyer in the state of Wisconsin make sure that your first call is to Dennis Melowski. I heard he was the best lawyer and look at my results. He simply is the finest lawyer to handle your DUI case."

— R.W., Oshkosh

"I am a Michigan resident with a CDL and received a DUI in Manitowoc County. After speaking to 2 attorneys in Green Bay WI and not feeling like they could help me, I called a friend and he referred me to Dennis. Dennis was actually referred to me by another District Attorney's office. I looked at his website, was impressed, and called Dennis. Dennis answered all my questions and I knew after 20 minutes he was the man for the job. Dennis had my DUI reduced to inattentive driving and I never got my license suspended. Sharp Attorney."

— R.L., Michigan

"I just passed my CDL and found a job driving semi when I was stopped for going 67 in a 50 m.p.h. zone. I was given a breathalyzer test which I was told I failed. I hired Dennis and was amazed. He informed the judge that if my license was suspended, I would lose my job. Dennis and Attorney Singh convinced the judge to stay the suspension. I kept my license and my job while Dennis continued to work at resolving my case. He found many flaws which in turn convinced the prosecutor to negotiate a lesser charge. My OWI and BAC were dropped and I agreed to inattentive driving. I lost 4 points, completed 20 hours of community service, and paid my fine. None of this impacted my license or CDL. I have referred friends to Dennis and will continue to do so. From the beginning, all my friends and even co-workers told me that I was "done". I would lose my license and probably never get another job as a semi driver."

— D.S., Manitowoc

"I spoke with 11 different law firms before making my decision to hire Dennis Melowski. I feel it was the best decision I could have ever made. Not only was he professional, informative, understanding, and available when needed, but Sarvan, Barb, and Rachel are a huge part of the whole experience. Always helpful and involved in my case. They all deserve credit for the outcome in my case. My family and I can't thank them all enough for everything they have done for me. If you are in need of the best law firm for a DUI case, you have no reason to look any further. I thank Dennis, Sarvan, Barb, and Rachel again for everything. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU."

— B.K., Wausau

"Dennis came highly recommended by a family member who is also a Lawyer practicing in Milwaukee. From the day Dennis was retained, he put our family at ease during a very stressful situation. He and his firm were always there to answer our many questions, even taking our calls while he was out of state on vacation with his family. He never rushed us and took the time to make sure we understood each and every event that transpired.
Dennis was very knowledgeable about the law and never pulled any punches as to a realistic outcome and prepared us for all possibilities. He made every effort to keep us informed as to the progress of the case. Throughout the duration of the case, he was courteous, efficient, kind and knowledgeable. He obtained a better resolution than we had even prayed for. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of criminal representation."

— Family of R.P., Plymouth

"Attorney Melowski saved my brother's life. A terrible accident took the life of one innocent man and threatened to totally destroy the life of another. Though the guilt was clear, Dennis fought to save him from spending the rest of his life in prison for one horrible mistake. Without his expertise and true compassion for our family and that of the victim, he clearly showed that taking a normally law abiding productive citizen out of society would not serve the public or the taxpayer or change the outcome of such a tragedy. He and his wonderful staff helped us get through everything we needed to know and do. Our family will forever be grateful to him and thank God that we made the choice that fateful night to call him for help."

— Another family member of R.P., Plymouth

"If you are reading reviews on this website in search of a law firm because you are in need of the best lawyer you can find, you can stop now. Dennis is amazing. He is everything most lawyers strive to be. Obviously I made a poor decision to put myself in the situation to need representation, but did not make another mistake by getting some bare minimum attorney. Dennis Melowski was up front, honest and to the point. His professionalism, knowledge, and expertise brought great resolution to my stressful situation. If your career, family, or general way of life is in jeopardy, you need to call Melowski & Associates. My case was settled out of court hugely in my favor, but I kind of wish I could of seen him in action against the less experienced prosecution."

— B.Q., Sheboygan

"Facing an OWI and refusal case I contacted Dennis Melowski as a referral from an attorney friend who spoke very highly of his practice in OWI cases. I also interviewed several other highly rated attorneys and found Dennis to be very confident and straight with me on my case review. After thoroughly understanding the situation I was in with the "refusal" and OWI, the best outcome Dennis and I thought we might see would be a plea to the OWI and trying to drop the refusal, which carried a 12 mo suspension and ignition interlock. But after receiving the dash camera videos Dennis was able to use my discussion with the arresting officer to prove that I never actually refused. Amazingly, he was able to argue the case with the DA and Judge to have both the OWI and refusal dropped to just a local ordinance violation for disorderly conduct! His knowledge and experience in looking at the most minor details in this case I know are the reason why I was found not guilty. I never had to meet a judge or go to trial and cannot express enough how Dennis changed my life. I can honestly say that facing the stigma of having an OWI on my record was the most humiliating thing I had to face my family and friends with, and due to Dennis I don't. I would highly recommend Dennis for anyone looking for absolutely the best defense attorney in Wisconsin.
Dennis .....Thank you!"

— M.S., Sheboygan Falls

"I know this is long, but if you have any doubts at all regarding who you should hire to defend you in what could be one of your most important and stressful situations, read on. If you read all the way through your decision will be clear...Dennis is absolutely, positively, without a doubt, your man!

My meager words can't sum up how thoroughly satisfied I am with my decision to hire Dennis as my attorney. This man was an absolute professional from my initial phone conversation with him, all the way through the ensuing 18-month case, and on to final completion by way of a jury trial where I was completely vindicated and found NOT GUILTY on all charges related to my case!

Dennis was always easy for me to contact, in person, which is absolutely critical for me. If he wasn't immediately available, he always contacted me as soon as he was free. He answered any question I had; from insurance advice to dealing with the DOT. He made this troubling experience much easier to deal with as I knew with no uncertainty that I had hired the best man for the job and he was 100% on top of the situation and dedicated to getting the best outcome for me. On top of his total professionalism, he is a very affable man to deal with on a personal level.

I was unfortunate enough to be stopped in a county that absolutely does not plea OWI charges due to the transgressions of a former District Attorney in relation to OWI cases, so we knew from the start that this was very likely going to be a trial situation. When the day finally came, I was amazed at how Dennis immediately went from the aforementioned pleasant fellow when dealing with me and turned into an absolute bulldog that took command of the situation and was completely dedicated to winning my case in court. His preparation, demeanor, and trial strategy were impeccable. Looking back, his performance in the courtroom was an absolute thing of beauty. In a case with dash cam video that the prosecutor was heavily depending on, Dennis turned the tables and used what the prosecutor thought was his best weapon against him.

After watching the video in court, during his cross-examination of the arresting officer, Dennis caught the officer red handed in various half-truths and embellishments in both his initial arrest report and his testimony that day. He also caught the officer in several major breaches of protocol pertaining to the way he administered the roadside sobriety tests he had me perform. The best thing was that the dash cam video completely proved all of this in my favor! Believe me; Dennis knows the strict rules that are supposed to be followed when giving these tests (as well as breathalyzer tests) even better than the officers who give them.

While Dennis was giving his closing arguments, I stole a glance at the prosecutor who was by this time busy staring at the ceiling and running his fingers through his hair with a look on his face that could only have meant he was thinking something akin to "how did this get away from me and go so completely wrong." PRICELESS!

If this is a situation you want resolved with the best possible outcome for you, don't hesitate to hire Dennis. He will fight for you through every step of the process. There may be lower cost attorneys out there, but very often you get what you pay for. If you go that route, you'll always be wondering "Could I have done better with Dennis?" The answer could very likely be "Yes."

Dennis, thank you again for everything!"

— J.N., Oshkosh

"If you find yourself in the unenviable position of needing defense against an OWI charge Dennis is your man. Even though I absolutely did not consume the amount of alcohol that the results showed I have no doubt I would have been convicted if not for Mr. Melowski. Because of his excellent courtroom skills he was able to catch both the officer and lab tech in lies. It takes an expert like Dennis since it feels like you have to prove yourself innocent which is difficult. He was well prepared and if not for being such a stressful situation it would actually have been enjoyable watching him in the courtroom.'

— Scott, Two Rivers

"For those of us who have had to deal with an alleged DUI or may in the future it is a blessing that we have the best advocate practicing here in Southeast Wisconsin. I found Attorney Melowski through a recommendation of a competing attorney who simply said Melowski was the person he would use. I interviewed all the leading names in the Milwaukee area and once I met Attorney Melowski I knew he was for me. Although the process is long and arduous due to postponements etc. I observed Attorney Melowski in his preparation and when we finally went to trial he demonstrated the highest professionalism but most of all he was 100% committed to winning my case which he did in short order. I still have a picture of Dennis and myself on the wall of my office smiling after our victory.

The decision who to hire is never easy in an alleged DUI case unless you have the opportunity of meeting Dennis Melowski. After that if you don't hire him you will only have yourself to blame."

— David, Mequon

"As it was stated in a review which I viewed prior to writing my own, Dennis makes it a point to know the jobs of those who are involved in a case better than they do. He won my case in a jury trial, because of his attention to detail. He uncovered minor mistakes that were made by the person who performed the blood analysis and when this individual was giving his testimony, Dennis was able to make him look incompetent and the jury would disregard the blood test. He also convinced the jury that the arresting officer had no reason to stop me in the first place other than seeing me leave a tavern at a late hour. He was able to make the jury feel alienated toward both the arresting officer and the prosecuting attorney. I could see this in their cutting eyes as testimony was being given. I feel that this was due to two reasons. Number one, he controlled the tempo and focus of the trial with his skills and secondly, he did an excellent job in selecting a jury. This guy is amazing. I was arrested on a second occurrence for OWI a few years later and Dennis was obviously my choice again. Yes, he made this second OWI disappear as well. This one did not have to go to trial as he had convinced the judge that there was not sufficient evidence to support a case."

— Larry, Sheboygan

"I never personally met Dennis, but he will be on our Christmas card list for life. He not only takes care of the judicial end, but becomes your coach and friend. As you know, there is a lot of stress involved in a case like this. He was always there to give just the right words of encouragement when he knew you were letting the stress get to you. You just know he is going to do everything possible for you to get great results. My results were phenomenal! He saved my career as I have a CDL and this would have ended my use of it with any other result than the one Dennis obtained. He had my charge [OWI-3rd] reduced to a minor traffic offense of Inattentive Driving. All without taking off from work to go to court. He handled everything. I know, amazing right? We couldn't have done it without Dennis, I'm sure of it. He is worth every penny you pay him and more. Do yourself a favor and give him a call. It will be one of the best things you do today. Thanks again, Dennis. Godspeed with all your clients, but thanks again for all you did for us."

— Kevin S., Waupaca

"Dennis is simply the best defense attorney you will find. I was faced with an unfavorable charge [OWI-2nd] in the worst county in Wisconsin, with mandatory jail time and a several year revocation coming my way. In fear of how dramatically my life was about to change, I knew I had to find an attorney with knowledge and experience to handle a case like mine. I contacted several attorneys and met with a few of them. Then I contacted Melowski & Associates and got Dennis himself. He made everything really easy for me, explaining everything I needed to do step by step. Before I knew it we were sitting in the courtroom and the judge was ruling in my favor. There are few words I can come up with to show the immense gratitude I have for Dennis and his team for so effectively handling what had become a potentially life-changing situation for me. Thank you for doing your job so well."

— J. H., Waukesha

"A consummate professional! Mr. Melowski took a .233 third offense OWI and turned it into a misdemeanor traffic offense! A product worth the price!"

— Don, Appleton

"I am a college student whose future career could have been in serious jeopardy if I was convicted of DUI charges. Dennis brought up every detail of my case and presented it to the jury in such a convincing manner that I was in awe. He did not budge for a second and always had confidence and belief in what he said. Though this was my first accusation and first ever lawyer, I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job than Dennis!"

— S.B., Madison

"After crashing my Harley and waking up in the hospital with a 3rd OWI staring at me, I thought my career and future were over. My job requires a CDL and I was looking at losing it for life. Other lawyers I spoke with had no idea how to win my case and simply wanted me to just plead guilty. I knew I had to find the best trial defense lawyer. After hiring Dennis Melowski, there was no doubt I was in the best hands. Dennis is a true professional and simply the best in his field. He handled the prosecutor and every detail of my case. He got my OWI-3rd reduced to an offense that wouldn't even appear on my driver record. He saved my job and my CDL. I would strongly recommend Dennis to anyone facing an OWI charge."

— Todd, Wausau

"Dear Dennis, We would like to extend a huge Thank You for the tremendous job you did in handling our son's case and winning his jury trial. From the beginning, you instilled hope which made the last 7 months much easier to endure. We have always been very proud of our son for he has usually made the right choices. However, life has its challenges and this was a huge one for him to overcome. He definitely made a good choice in having you represent him. Once again, we truly appreciate your outstanding service!"

— Kevin & Bobbie, Marinette

"Dennis, [you were] outstanding from day one; all the way until my final day in court. We ran up against an extremely stubborn village that had a decent prosecuting attorney. I truly believe that I would not have won if I had any other attorney....If I know of anyone who needs representation in Wisconsin, [you] will be the first person who comes to mind that I recommend...Your firm is a little more expensive than others, but you are worth every penny. Thank you for your help."

— Mike, Libertyville, IL

"I would like to take this opportunity to offer extolment for Dennis Melowski. Dennis was able to get results beyond my expectations. He reduced an OWI and Refusal to Inattentive Driving. He is an outstanding lawyer and true professional. I would be more than happy to be a future reference for any of your potential clients."

— Paul, Sheboygan

"Dennis: In my case, I had a little luck that was mixed with a ton of hard work and a finely tuned presentation. I cannot even begin to tell you how impressed I was with your court presence and your defense of my difficult case. I could tell the jury and prosecutor were equally impressed. The judge himself even told you after the trial that he had never sat in a case in which the blood test was challenged in the manner you so successfully did. Thank you very much again for a brilliant defense."

— Terry, Janesville

"Dennis, I am so grateful to have had you as my attorney. It didn't take long into the trial to know I hired the best. This in turn gave me confidence in myself and the case. I know you gave it your all and the outcome showed it."

— Audrey, Oconto

"Dennis, I can't say it enough, but thank you very much for defending me in my OWI case and bringing it to a victory! You did an excellent job in the jury trial, which I felt should have been won right there. But what really impressed me is the fact that you refused to take that as a loss, where I think most attorneys would have."

— Greg, Sheboygan

"Last Friday, Mr. Melowski represented me in an OWI case in Sheboygan County. He was very well prepared and had a great plan. It only took the jury 4 and a half minutes to find me not guilty. I, of course, will refer other people to Mr. Melowski."

— James, Chicago

"Dennis, I just wanted to thank you again for all the hard work. You did an outstanding job litigating the trial. I think you knew their jobs better than they did."

— Greg, Madison

"Dennis, I am more than satisfied with the total results. Your time and professionalism cannot be matched. You helped this [OWI charge] be very easy for me, as I certainly didn't know what to expect. Awesome job."

— Jim, Oshkosh

"Dennis, thank you for your competence and tenacity in representing me. It was very important that my innocence be validated."

— Harold, Brookfield

"Dennis, a HUGE 'thank-you' on your great work on [our son's] case so that he can keep his CDL license. When we were told we would be in such great hands, we now surely believe it!"

— Mary, Howards Grove

"Dennis, mere words seem hardly enough to show my appreciation for what you have done to help get my life back on track."

— Patrick, Waupaca

"There is no quit in this guy [Dennis Melowski]. I have a CDL and had to get out of my drunk driving. After the local judge screwed us at some hearing, Melowski kept appealing it until we finally won — almost two years later. Very impressive guy."

— Anonymous Client Review
www.avvo.com (Attorney Rating Service)

"[Dennis Melowski] won my case in a jury trial. He manhandled the cops and knew their jobs better than they did. The judge's staff and even the judge himself said what an awesome job he did. He saved my career."

— Anonymous Client Review
www.avvo.com (Attorney Rating Service)

"[Dennis Melowski] got me out of two different drunk driving cases I had in different counties. I honestly don't know how. Great lawyer."

— Anonymous Client Review
www.avvo.com (Attorney Rating Service)

"[Dennis Melowski] truly is a master in his field. I kept calling around after I was first arrested looking for a recommendation of a good drunk driving lawyer. Dennis' name kept coming up over and over. He was more expensive than most, but worth every penny."

— Anonymous Client Review
www.avvo.com (Attorney Rating Service)

What Judges and Other Attorneys Have Said About Melowski & Associates, LLC.:

"I've seen a lot of so-called 'hired-gun' attorneys in trial. You are by far the best."

— Assistant District Attorney, following a trial with Dennis Melowski.

"That was not only the best drunk driving defense, but the best trial performance I have seen in my 17 years as a judge."

— Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge following a trial victory by Dennis Melowski.

"Mr. Melowski, you are a masterful trial lawyer. I don't think I have ever seen an attorney commit the jurors' names to memory the way you did and then win a case like that using no notes. Very impressive."

— Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge following a trial victory by Dennis Melowski.

"I thought it would be a waste of time to try this case. I see now, it certainly was not."

— Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge following a trial victory by Dennis Melowski.

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