Wisconsin Second DUI Offense Lawyers

While a first DUI arrest is a noncriminal charge, a second offense brings fines well over $1,000 with jail time up to six months. Add to that license revocation from 12 to 18 months, mandatory ignition interlock and costly alcohol counseling. As you can see, a guilty plea is anything but a bargain.

When you are hiring a professional, you want to know his or her success rate. Many lawyers successfully camouflage a poor or mediocre track record by making generic claims about "experience," how many cases they have "handled," or what boards they belong to, without telling you how many cases they have actually won. There is a very good reason for this: their records are not worth talking about.

In selecting an attorney following a DUI arrest, why would you settle for anything else than a tangible record of success?

Milwaukee Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys

At Melowski & Associates, LLC., our definition of success goes beyond "handling cases." We fight to have drunk driving charges dropped or secure acquittals in court. With an understanding of the severe, life-changing consequences of a drunk driving conviction, we litigate when many of our peers are far too quick to "handle" a guilty plea.

Many attorneys boast of their so-called success. However, their results come mainly from negotiating meaningless concessions from the prosecutor. Dennis Melowski — the only one to have been selected 10 times for inclusion in Wisconsin Super Lawyers list by Law & Politics and Milwaukee Magazine for DUI defense from 2005 to 2011 — posts and continually updates our Real Results Tracker. His idea of success is a record without that second DUI offense.

We know what's at stake. We match our representation accordingly. To schedule an appointment with our premier Wisconsin second DUI offense attorneys, contact us at 920-299-5074.