Wisconsin Impaired Driving Lawyers

DUI and drunk driving are not always the same thing. Drunk driving is more common when alcohol has been consumed prior to getting behind the wheel. A DUI (driving under the influence) can apply to any type of substance that impairs the ability to operate a motor vehicle. Illegal narcotics and even prescription or over-the-counter medication could result in an impaired driving charge.

Milwaukee Drug Driving Defense Attorneys

At Melowski & Associates, LLC., we do not equate success with the number of cases we handle, years of experience, memberships on boards or certification in Breathalyzer administration. For attorney Dennis Melowski, success means winning. Winning means charges being dismissed or acquittals at trial.

While peer lawyers shy away from the courtroom and focus on minimizing the penalties, he focuses on eliminating any jail time, fines or additional convictions on your record.

Our founder is the only attorney in the state who is recognized as a 10-time recipient of a Wisconsin Super Lawyer award by Law & Politics and Milwaukee Magazine for DUI defense. Our attorneys have succeeded in having more than 700 drunk driving charges dismissed or reduced to non-alcohol-related charges, including more than 90 complete acquittals in jury trials.

From over-the-counter sleep aids to prescription anti-depressants, an impaired driving charge carries similarly severe consequences, particularly if you have prior drunk or drug impaired driving convictions. Weaving on the road will lead to an initial stop and subsequent chemical testing.

Please know that an arrest does not mean a conviction is imminent. We fight charges to win, as noted on our Real Results Tracker. We take on prosecutors in court and overcome what some see as impossible odds.

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