Wisconsin Felony DUI Lawyers

In the realm of DUI charges, the fifth time is a game changer. A fifth offense or higher is automatically charged as a felony, meaning that if you are convicted, you will permanently lose your right to possess a firearm. The penalties include a minimum of six months in jail and quite possibly a lengthy prison sentence. Many counties have mandatory prison requirements regardless of the facts of your case. To worsen matters, driving privileges will be revoked for two to three years and fines of $2,000 are doubled, tripled or quadrupled if the prohibited alcohol concentration is .17 or higher. If a serious injury or death is involved in your DUI case, a lengthy prison sentence is a real possibility, even if it is your first offense.

As you seek out representation, you want an attorney with tangible results, not years of experience in "handling" cases. You want an attorney who possesses a track record of numerous and recent acquittals at trial, not a lawyer who boasts various memberships and other meaningless qualifications.

Milwaukee Fifth DUI Offense Attorneys

Our success is not measured in how we manage cases or the memberships we hold. At Melowski & Associates, LLC., we are about real success. We do not hide from our accomplishments. Drunk driving defense attorney Dennis Melowski — named a 10-time Super Lawyer by Law & Politics and Milwaukee Magazine — does more than boast about his courtroom wins. He posts them on our Real Results Tracker.

We do not make generic and meaningless assertions of our DUI defense practice. Everything we claim can be backed up with the facts, including the number of wins recently secured in the courtroom. Other attorneys will "be at your side" and will "hold your hand" while they plead you guilty to the "standard" plea bargain.

If you are looking for something more than the "standard" outcome, contact Melowski & Associates.

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