Wisconsin DUI Defense Lawyers

An attorney "handling" a DUI or felony DUI defense is one thing. His or her job is to push papers and hold hands during a guilty plea. At Melowski & Associates, LLC., we believe that success is the only true measure of an effective lawyer. We believe that actually litigating drunk driving cases can provide the best outcome.

When selecting an attorney, do not ask how many DUI cases he or she has handled. Ask how many he or she has won and how recently those victories occurred.

Wisconsin DUI Defense Attorneys

The attorneys at Melowski & Associates have distinguished themselves from other lawyers by providing meaningful and real results for clients. Simply put, there is no substitute for aggressive and successful courtroom battles to achieve success.

Creative and innovative solutions can mean the difference between a clean record and one that impacts employment and academic pursuits, professional and commercial driver's licenses, and the requirement to drive with an ignition interlock device.

Regardless of the complexity of your case ( no DUI case is simple at our office), we fight to win on behalf of clients charged with the following:

Milwaukee Breath And Sobriety Test Defense Attorneys

Some clients and the attorneys providing so-called representation believe that the police have them "dead to rights" following a field sobriety or Breathalyzer test result. The truth is, the steps involved in administering those tests are rife with error. Poor training and mechanical problems can lead to unreliable results. Much of our success has come from challenging the police and their "scientific" evidence, strategies that many of our peers fear.

We know what is at stake for DUI conviction and administrative license suspension. Your livelihood and reputation are on the line. We understand your goals. Hire an attorney who can actually accomplish them. Hire a winner. Contact us at 920-299-5074.