Wisconsin Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers

In the field of drunk driving defense, the attorneys at Melowski & Associates have obtained results for their clients that most other lawyers have not or cannot. It all comes down to clout. Prosecutors and judges know the attorneys who mean business and get results, and those who do not. Many lawyers can make themselves sound good by touting generic and meaningless things like boards they belong to, certifications they hold or how much "experience" they have. Often, this is just a lot of fluff to camouflage a poor or mediocre track record of success. At Melowski & Associates, our clients don't want fluff. They want results. This is why we put the results we obtain on display in our Real Results Tracker. Take a look at our track record and the remarkable number of clients we have helped — month after month, year after year. Ask other lawyers if they can demonstrate this level of success in their cases. You will quickly see who the pretenders are and why Melowski & Associates truly is Wisconsin's premier drunk driving defense firm.

Milwaukee Impaired Driving Defense Attorneys

Let's face it, far too many so-called DUI defense lawyers do very little to actually defend their clients. They don't challenge evidence; they don't go to trial and they don't get meaningful results. Instead, they take whatever offer the prosecutor feels like giving them and plead their clients guilty as a matter of convenience or because they don't want to ruffle any feathers. The results most lawyers achieve for their clients in drunk driving cases amount to nothing more than a nominal reduction of the sentence they serve after they have been convicted. A month or two knocked off their license revocation; a few days knocked off their jail sentence; or a slightly lower fine. That's not what Melowski & Associates is about.

Our track record of success and real results stands in stark contrast to most attorneys. We are known and respected as highly skilled trial attorneys, tirelessly and aggressively advocating for our clients facing serious DUI charges. We are absolutely committed to the concept of doing whatever it takes to achieve exceptional results for our clients.

Countless times, our attorneys have gone to court for what appeared to be a hopeless drunk driving case, only to emerge victorious, leaving prosecutors scratching their heads as to how they could have lost what seemed to be a slam-dunk conviction. It is precisely this reputation that allows us to get results that other lawyers simply can't. When a prosecutor is forced to deal with an attorney with a well-known ability to win, and the resolve to do it, it can result in significant leverage. And significant results.

Wisconsin Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys

At Melowski & Associates, we are constantly looking for ways to benefit our clients and significantly lessen the crushing impact of a drunk driving conviction, including:

  • Crafting innovative settlements that provide an alternative to incarceration
  • Finding creative ways to eliminate or sharply reduce periods of license revocation
  • Successfully challenging prior DUI convictions from years before

At Melowski & Associates, LLC., we take our jobs seriously. We don't let our bottom line dictate your result. Instead, our bottom line is results. When we are on a case, our attorneys will relentlessly pursue your goals for you, and you should have the peace of mind that comes from knowing we have the skill to actually achieve them.

Our clients are good, hardworking citizens whose livelihoods and liberties are in considerable peril because of the enormous consequences and stigma attached to a drunk driving conviction. We know what's at stake for you, and we give you the representation to match. Contact us at 920-299-5074.